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Letter Type Date Gramps ID Person
A Adopted E6276 JONES, Martha Chickering [I5467]
    E6278 JONES, Helen Louise [I5468]
    E6465 STICKNEY, Lucy E L [I5680]
B Baptism E2286 STICKNEY, Rebecca [I1767]
    E2289 STICKNEY, Joshua [I1768]
    E2963 HILTON, Sarah [I2188]
    E2965 HILTON, Rebecca [I2189]
    E2971 HILTON, Samuel [I2191]
    E3037 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I2254]
    E3063 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2262]
    E3066 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I2263]
    1558-12-30 E0002 STICKNEY, William [I0003]
    1592-09-06 E0005 STICKNEY, William [I0006]
    1607-10-04 E4621 JEWETT, Maximillian [I3497]
    1630-03-06 E0011 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0008]
    1633-12-28 E0014 STICKNEY, Mary [I0009]
    1637-02-11 E0017 STICKNEY, Amos [I0010]
    1647-07-04 E8792 HERRICK, Elizabeth [I9167]
    1668-05-31 E0058 BARKER, Mary [I0028]
    1675-04-04 E0042 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0020]
    1675-04-04 E0050 STICKNEY, William [I0024]
    1687-03-00 E0090 STICKNEY, Mary [I0042]
    1690-03-30 E0094 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0043]
    1690-04-27 E0345 SPOFFORD, Samuel [I0175]
    1693-02-05 E0098 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0044]
    1693-11-26 E0113 STICKNEY, Andrew [I0052]
    1696-10-04 E0174 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0085]
    1696-11-15 E0101 STICKNEY, Jane [I0045]
    1698-01-02 E0115 STICKNEY, Amos [I0053]
    1698-09-18 E0176 STICKNEY, Prudence [I0086]
    1699/700-01-28 (Julian) E0103 STICKNEY, John [I0046]
    1700-12-22 E0180 STICKNEY, Joseph [I0087]
    1701-10-12 E0222 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I0105]
    1702-03-30 E0202 STICKNEY, Andrew [I0096]
    1703-06-20 E0226 STICKNEY, Moses [I0106]
    1705-05-27 E0208 STICKNEY, Stephen [I0098]
    1706-04-01 E0230 STICKNEY, Joseph [I0107]
    1707-05-00 E0448 TIDD, Joseph [I0237]
    1707-05-10 E0184 STICKNEY, Moses [I0088]
    1709-06-05 E0188 STICKNEY, Amos [I0089]
    1709-07-24 E0210 STICKNEY, Hannah [I0099]
    1710-04-09 E0240 STICKNEY, Thomas [I0110]
    1711/2-02-17 (Julian) E0211 STICKNEY, Ann [I0100]
    1712/3-01-25 (Julian) E0245 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0112]
    1714-03-07 E8783 FOWLER, John [I9151]
    1714-04-18 E0212 STICKNEY, Mary [I0101]
    1714-08-15 E0246 STICKNEY, Martha [I0113]
    1716-09-02 E0297 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0147]
    1717-05-12 E0216 STICKNEY, Ruth [I0103]
    1718-04-06 E0248 STICKNEY, Amos [I0114]
    1721-09-17 E0251 STICKNEY, Amos [I0115]
    1722-11-25 E2250 STICKNEY, Daniel [I1745]
    1723-09-08 E0303 STICKNEY, Moses [I0150]
    1724-05-17 E2206 STICKNEY, Anthony [I1722]
    1725-08-01 E0460 STICKNEY, William [I0246]
    1726-08-28 E0307 STICKNEY, William [I0151]
    1727-04-16 E2253 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1751]
    1727-10-01 E2208 STICKNEY, Joseph [I1723]
    1727-11-12 E0337 STICKNEY, Simon [I0165]
    1728-04-07 E8800 DAVIS, Israel [I9176]
    1729-03-02 E2211 STICKNEY, Joseph [I1724]
    1729-03-23 E0310 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0152]
    1729-06-15 E0464 STICKNEY, Thomas [I0247]
    1731-05-16 E2257 STICKNEY, David [I1753]
    1731-11-28 E2193 STICKNEY, John [I1714]
    1731/2-01-22 (Julian) E2384 STICKNEY, William [I1825]
    1732/3-01-28 (Julian) E2388 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I1826]
    1733-04-08 E0317 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0154]
    1733-04-08 E2260 STICKNEY, John [I1754]
    1734-03-31 E2409 STICKNEY, Hannah [I1833]
    1734-11-17 E2391 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I1827]
    1734-12-29 E2217 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1726]
    1735-07-13 E2229 STICKNEY, Amos [I1732]
    1735-09-28 E2263 STICKNEY, James [I1755]
    1735-09-28 E2267 STICKNEY, William [I1756]
    1736-05-30 E2394 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1828]
    1736-09-26 E0320 STICKNEY, David [I0155]
    1736/7-03-06 (Julian) E2324 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I1799]
    1737-12-04 E0341 STICKNEY, Lucy [I0167]
    1738-05-31 E2398 STICKNEY, Moses [I1829]
    1739-02-25 E2292 STICKNEY, Oliver [I1769]
    1738/9-02-25 (Julian) E2326 STICKNEY, Thomas [I1800]
    1738/9-02-25 (Julian) E2466 STICKNEY, John [I1872]
    1739-05-06 E2417 STICKNEY, Jedediah [I1836]
    1740-07-20 E2238 STICKNEY, John [I1735]
    1740-10-26 E2402 STICKNEY, Eunice [I1830]
    1741-03-29 E2422 STICKNEY, Isaac [I1837]
    1742-04-25 E2269 STICKNEY, Amos [I1758]
    1743-02-27 E2471 STICKNEY, Anne [I1874]
    1743-03-13 E2549 STICKNEY, Jacob [I1933]
    1743-07-26 E2337 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1804]
    1743-11-06 E2425 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1838]
    1743-11-13 E2295 STICKNEY, Stephen [I1770]
    1744-02-23 E2474 STICKNEY, Mary [I1875]
    1744-07-22 E3512 STICKNEY, Amos [I2577]
    1745-02-09 E3514 STICKNEY, Paul [I2578]
    1745-12-22 E2478 STICKNEY, William [I1876]
    1746-05-18 E2342 STICKNEY, Amos [I1805]
    1747-04-10 E2482 STICKNEY, Thomas [I1877]
    1747-10-04 E2566 STICKNEY, Abigail [I1940]
    1747-10-04 E2568 STICKNEY, William [I1941]
    1747/8-03-06 (Julian) E2609 STICKNEY, Anthony Somerby [I1964]
    1748-07-17 E3516 STICKNEY, Lucy [I2579]
    1749-12-30 E8203 DAVIS, Charles [I8076]
    1749-12-31 E2569 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1942]
    1750-03-25 E3518 STICKNEY, Lucy [I2580]
    1749/50-04-29 (Julian) E2611 STICKNEY, James [I1965]
    1749/50-05-06 (Julian) E2486 STICKNEY, Joseph [I1878]
    1750-10-14 E8205 FOWLER, Elizabeth [I8077]
    1750-11-18 E2556 STICKNEY, John [I1936]
    1752-06-07 E2570 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1943]
    1752-06-07 E2623 STICKNEY, Moses [I1973]
    1752-11-05 E2452 STICKNEY, Mary [I1864]
    1752-11-13 E2933 STICKNEY, Moody [I2165]
    1752-12-24 E3519 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I2581]
    1752-12-31 E2614 STICKNEY, James [I1966]
    1753-04-08 E2908 STICKNEY, Andrew [I2153]
    1753-04-08 E2911 STICKNEY, Anna [I2154]
    1753-04-29 E2433 STICKNEY, Mehetabel [I1841]
    1753-08-05 E2560 STICKNEY, Enoch [I1937]
    1754-01-03 E3520 STICKNEY, Eunice [I2582]
    1754-06-02 E2455 STICKNEY, Aaron [I1865]
    1754-07-28 E2572 STICKNEY, Joseph [I1944]
    1755-06-08 E2934 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I2166]
    1755-09-28 E2588 STICKNEY, Daniel [I1952]
    1755-11-02 E2459 STICKNEY, Amos [I1866]
    1755-12-28 E3535 STICKNEY, Dutee [I2587]
    1756-01-00 E2562 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1938]
    1756-10-19 E2914 STICKNEY, David [I2155]
    1757-03-06 E3523 STICKNEY, William [I2583]
    1758-05-07 E2617 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1968]
    1758-10-29 E3023 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2250]
    1758-12-18 E2492 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I1881]
    1758-12-31 E2630 STICKNEY, Moses [I1976]
    1759-02-18 E3559 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2599]
    1759-03-25 E2917 STICKNEY, Rebecca [I2157]
    1759-04-29 E2935 STICKNEY, Nicholas [I2167]
    1759-06-17 E3507 STICKNEY, Josiah [I2574]
    1759-07-22 E2575 STICKNEY, Ebenezer [I1945]
    1759-09-02 E2947 STICKNEY, Stephen [I2173]
    1760-01-27 E3027 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I2251]
    1760-10-05 E3300 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I2414]
    1760-10-05 E3540 STICKNEY, Daniel [I2589]
    1760-11-02 E2634 STICKNEY, Joseph [I1977]
    1760-12-28 E2937 STICKNEY, John [I2168]
    1761-01-11 E2919 STICKNEY, William [I2158]
    1761-06-21 E2939 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I2169]
    1761-11-01 E3030 STICKNEY, Molly [I2252]
    1761-11-21 E2577 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1946]
    1762-05-16 E3526 STICKNEY, Samuel [I2584]
    1762-07-18 E2921 STICKNEY, Rebecca [I2159]
    1763-01-02 E2949 STICKNEY, Mary [I2174]
    1763-01-09 E3555 STICKNEY, Dudley [I2597]
    1763-01-16 E2579 STICKNEY, Jane [I1947]
    1763-01-16 E2581 STICKNEY, Anne [I1948]
    1763-01-16 E2583 STICKNEY, Hannah [I1949]
    1763-03-20 E2592 STICKNEY, William Stapleton [I1955]
    1763-04-03 E2940 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2170]
    1763-04-10 E3034 STICKNEY, Thomas [I2253]
    1763-06-05 E1656 STICKNEY, Martha [I1259]
    1763-06-05 E3304 STICKNEY, William [I2415]
    1763-07-03 E2663 STICKNEY, Judith [I1991]
    1763-07-31 E3563 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I2601]
    1763-11-13 E2619 STICKNEY, Dorcas [I1969]
    1764-07-08 E2923 STICKNEY, Joanna [I2160]
    1764-11-04 E2666 STICKNEY, Amos [I1992]
    1764-12-02 E3529 STICKNEY, Silas [I2585]
    about 1765 E2585 STICKNEY, Jane [I1950]
    1765-04-07 E2594 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1956]
    1765-08-04 E3306 STICKNEY, Mary [I2416]
    1765-08-21 E2950 STICKNEY, James [I2175]
    1765-09-29 E1722 STICKNEY, Daniel [I1291]
    1765-11-17 E2924 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2161]
    1766-04-20 E2669 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I1993]
    1766-05-19 E2952 STICKNEY, James [I2176]
    1766-06-29 E3364 STICKNEY, Mehetable [I2451]
    1766-09-14 E2943 STICKNEY, David [I2171]
    1766-10-05 E1604 EVANS, William [I1215]
    1766-10-05 E1653 OSGOOD, William [I1256]
    1766-12-29 E1660 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1261]
    1767-03-15 E2597 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1957]
    1767-05-03 E3039 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2255]
    1767-08-09 E3308 STICKNEY, Judith [I2417]
    1767-11-01 E2926 STICKNEY, James Anderton [I2162]
    1768-07-31 E3042 STICKNEY, Mehitabel [I2256]
    1768-12-18 E1686 STICKNEY, William [I1274]
    1769-02-12 E2672 STICKNEY, John [I1994]
    1769-04-09 E3069 STICKNEY, Mary [I2264]
    1770-02-11 E2928 STICKNEY, Sally [I2163]
    1770-03-04 E3045 STICKNEY, Susanna [I2257]
    1770-03-11 E1690 STICKNEY, Abigail [I1275]
    1770-08-10 E2528 STICKNEY, William [I1911]
    1770-11-25 E1728 STICKNEY, David [I1294]
    1771-05-05 E2644 STICKNEY, Richard [I1981]
    1771-06-23 E2651 STICKNEY, Amos [I1985]
    1771-07-14 E3049 STICKNEY, Samuel [I2258]
    1772-01-19 E2675 STICKNEY, Joseph [I1995]
    1772-03-01 E3570 STICKNEY, John March [I2605]
    1772-05-31 E3073 STICKNEY, Thomas [I2265]
    1772-07-05 E3312 STICKNEY, Dorothy [I2419]
    1773-06-06 E2931 STICKNEY, Thomas [I2164]
    1773-07-10 E3052 STICKNEY, Isaac [I2259]
    1773-08-14 E2968 HILTON, Samuel [I2190]
    1773-08-29 E2601 STICKNEY, Mary [I1959]
    1773-11-21 E2726 STICKNEY, Sally [I2029]
    1774-08-14 E3077 STICKNEY, Dudley [I2266]
    1774-08-28 E3316 STICKNEY, David [I2420]
    1774-09-26 E3090 STICKNEY, Spofford [I2270]
    1774-11-13 E3055 STICKNEY, Eunice [I2260]
    1775-03-05 E2739 STICKNEY, Enoch [I2035]
    1775-10-08 E2707 STICKNEY, Gideon Woodwell [I2017]
    1775-11-15 E2654 STICKNEY, Lydia [I1986]
    1775-12-31 E2603 STICKNEY, James [I1960]
    1776-07-21 E3059 STICKNEY, Moses [I2261]
    1776-09-15 E3319 STICKNEY, Dorothy [I2421]
    1777-01-05 E4749 STICKNEY, Andrew [I3764]
    1777-05-11 E2740 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I2036]
    1777-05-18 E2729 STICKNEY, Samuel [I2030]
    1778-02-22 E2723 FERNALD, John [I2026]
    1778-03-01 E2657 STICKNEY, Moses [I1987]
    1778-03-29 E3420 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2495]
    1778-04-28 E3438 STICKNEY, Thomas [I2501]
    1778-08-30 E4751 STICKNEY, Anna [I3765]
    1778-09-06 E1700 STICKNEY, John [I1279]
    1778-10-18 E3093 STICKNEY, Judith [I2271]
    1779-08-10 E2532 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I1912]
    1780-08-06 E2731 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2031]
    1780-11-19 E3323 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I2422]
    1780-12-17 E4777 STICKNEY, Eunice [I3790]
    1780-12-31 E1704 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I1280]
    1781-08-05 E3398 STICKNEY, William [I2484]
    1781-08-13 E3444 STICKNEY, Joseph Blodget [I2503]
    1782-01-27 E3425 STICKNEY, Charlotte [I2497]
    1782-08-00 E3631 STICKNEY, Peter Frye [I2651]
    1784-03-07 E3429 STICKNEY, John [I2498]
    1784-09-05 E2732 STICKNEY, Alice Hooper [I2032]
    1784-10-03 E1894 SAUNDERS, Patty [I1422]
    1786-07-00 E3638 STICKNEY, Samuel [I2653]
    1787-06-10 E1895 SAUNDERS, Ebenezer [I1423]
    1787-06-15 E2734 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2033]
    1787-10-21 E3510 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2575]
    1788-09-00 E3640 STICKNEY, Betsey [I2654]
    1792-05-19 E3083 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2268]
    1792-11-12 E4400 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I3317]
    1792-11-12 E4402 STICKNEY, William [I3318]
    1793-09-29 E4639 STICKNEY, Henry Furlong [I3525]
    1796-12-25 E4411 BROWN, Mary Stickney [I3323]
    1797-11-19 E2835 STICKNEY, Lydia Atkinson [I2101]
    1798-02-04 E2806 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2082]
    1799-06-23 E2792 STICKNEY, John Ingalls [I2075]
    1799-06-23 E2839 STICKNEY, Henry Rolfe [I2102]
    1800-07-06 E3884 STICKNEY, Dudley [I2846]
    1802-02-14 E2794 STICKNEY, Sally [I2076]
    1805-12-15 E3888 STICKNEY, Matthew Adams [I2847]
B Birth E0038 SWAN, Julian [I0018]
    E0250 STICKNEY, Amos [I0115]
    E0253 WEED, John [I0118]
    E0257 WEED, Sarah [I0120]
    E0393 HALL, Abigail [I0209]
    E0595 HOVEY, Sarah [I0330]
    E0738 STICKNEY, Susannah [I0425]
    30 MARCH 1773 E0746 WOODMAN, Jane [I0430]
    E0765 WHEELER, Cyrus [I0446]
    E0768 WHEELER, Dolly [I0452]
    E0769 WHEELER, Triphena [I0453]
    E0770 WHEELER, Hazen [I0454]
    E0771 WHEELER, Leonard [I0455]
    E1167 WHITTEMORE, Isaac [I0826]
    E1168 WHITTEMORE, William [I0827]
    E1169 WHITTEMORE, Mary [I0828]
    E1170 WHITTEMORE, Ambrose [I0829]
    E1171 WHITTEMORE, Almira [I0830]
    E1172 WHITTEMORE, Augustus [I0831]
    E1173 WHITTEMORE, Daniel [I0832]
    E1174 WHITTEMORE, Sophronia [I0833]
    E1743 HESELTINE, David [I1304]
    E1904 STICKNEY, John [I1437]
    E2132 KINGSLEY, Dorina [I1660]
    E2282 STICKNEY, Abigail [I1765]
    E2314 STICKNEY, James [I1790]
    E2319 STICKNEY, David [I1794]
    E2559 STICKNEY, Enoch [I1937]
    E2720 STICKNEY, Betsey Sarah [I2024]
    E2967 HILTON, Samuel [I2190]
    E3001 PIKE, Moses [I2217]
    E3121 CARLTON, Mehitable [I2288]
    FEB 29 1770 E3225 STICKNEY, Phebe [I2361]
    E3242 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2374]
    E3243 STICKNEY, Jerusha [I2375]
    E3246 STICKNEY, Laura [I2377]
    E3254 STICKNEY, Amos [I2383]
    E3322 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I2422]
    E3382 BRIDGES, Sally [I2461]
    E3383 BRIDGES, Hannah [I2462]
    E3384 BRIDGES, Samuel [I2463]
    E3385 BRIDGES, Jonathan [I2464]
    E3387 BRIDGES, Betsey [I2466]
    FEB 29 1783 E3428 STICKNEY, John [I2498]
    E3630 STICKNEY, Peter Frye [I2651]
    SEPT 1785 E3643 STICKNEY, Irene [I2656]
    E3771 HESELTINE, Robert [I2759]
    E3773 BROCKLEBANK, Samuel [I2763]
    E3777 SWAN, Richard [I2767]
    E3796 BUCKLEY, Sarah [I2787]
    E3935 LAWRENCE, Olive [I2888]
    E4032 FLETCHER, Jane [I2972]
    E4195 GOODWIN, Sarah Cordelia [I3101]
    E4321 STICKNEY, Phebe [I3223]
    E4322 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I3224]
    JUNE 1820 E4363 SMITH, Saloma [I3289]
    E4959 STICKNEY, Moses How [I3981]
    E5457 SIMONDS, Charles [I4564]
    E5458 SIMONDS, George [I4565]
    E5459 SIMONDS, Abby Maria [I4566]
    E5783 CURRIER, Dudley Watts [I4905]
    E6105 GOWLDING, Matilda J [I5296]
    E6300 AMES, Horace T [I5494]
    E6301 AMES, Mary [I5495]
    E6303 AMES, Hannah Elizabeth [I5496]
    E6304 AMES, William Henry [I5497]
    E6305 AMES, Sarah B [I5498]
    E6306 AMES, Mary S [I5499]
    E6358 HOLMAN, Mary Ann [I5560]
    E6360 HOLMAN, Amos Stickney [I5561]
    E6362 HOLMAN, Elizabeth [I5562]
    E6363 HOLMAN, Jonathan [I5563]
    E6425 STICKNEY, Mary Ann [I5630]
    E6426 STICKNEY, Irena [I5631]
    E6427 STICKNEY, Frances Louisa [I5632]
    E6860 MANNING, John B [I6117]
    E6917 SYMONDS, Thomas [I6173]
    FEB 29 1841 E6950 FORD, Thomas M [I6206]
    E6952 GRAY, Robert [I6208]
    E6980 BRADSHAW, John [I6252]
    E7005 ABBOT, George [I6273]
    E7315 LARRABEE, Davis [I6683]
    E7358 STICKNEY, William [I6752]
    FEB 29 1847 E7569 WILMAN, Louisa S [I6982]
    E7810 BATE, Thomas H [I7238]
    JUN 31 1847 E8114 PENDEXTER, Nathan Stickney [I7784]
    E8179 NEAL, Charles O [I8009]
    E8180 TUCKER, Sidney D [I8010]
    E8181 SMITH, John [I8020]
    E8182 DOW, _ [I8022]
    E8266 CURRIER, Elizabeth P [I8306]
    E8610 ORDWAY, Hannah Catherine [I8784]
    FEB 30 1857 E8633 STICKNEY, Daniel Knight [I8820]
    E8647 TOWNSEND, Orrissa Phebe [I8833]
    E8760 HENDERSON, Nellie J [I9030]
    1534 E0000 STICKNEY, Robert [I0001]
    1585-03-09 E0004 STICKNEY, William [I0006]
    1590 E8797 FOWLER, Philip [I9172]
    1597-11-20 E3791 WHITING, Samuel [I2781]
    1604 E8794 HERRICK, Henry [I9168]
    about 1605 E3793 ST. JOHN, Elizabeth [I2782]
    1606-05-09 E3775 MORSE, Anthony [I2765]
    1609 E8822 GAGE, John [I9206]
    1622 E8795 FOWLER, Joseph [I9171]
    1625 E4605 SCOTT, Elizabeth [I3483]
    1629 E4734 KIMBALL, Martha [I3739]
    1630 E0010 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0008]
    1633 E0013 STICKNEY, Mary [I0009]
    1633 E3787 WHITING, Samuel [I2779]
    1635 E0016 STICKNEY, Amos [I0010]
    about 1637 E3789 CHESTER, Dorcas [I2780]
    1640-03-14 E0020 STICKNEY, John [I0011]
    1641-02-04 E0022 STICKNEY, Faith [I0012]
    1641-02-12 E4629 KELLY, Sarah [I3503]
    1641-05-01 E0059 MORSE, Sarah [I0029]
    1642-01-20 E4619 PARROT, Faith [I3494]
    1643-01-05 E4617 JEWETT, Ezekiel [I3493]
    1644-05-11 E0025 STICKNEY, Andrew [I0013]
    1644-06-11 E0047 LEAVER, Prudence [I0023]
    1644-06-20 E3780 PALMER, Samuel [I2771]
    1646-03-03 E0029 STICKNEY, Thomas [I0014]
    1646-03-03 E0032 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0015]
    1648-01-04 E0034 STICKNEY, Mercy [I0016]
    1648-01-04 E0036 STICKNEY, Adding [I0017]
    1648-12-25 E8790 FOWLER, Philip [I9166]
    about 1649 E0111 NORTHEND, Edna [I0051]
    1651-12-17 E3782 PEARSON, Mary [I2772]
    1653-01-31 E4600 SPOFFORD, Samuel [I3480]
    1653-04-15 E8806 DAVIS, Cornelius [I9182]
    1658 E0117 KIMBALL, Mehitable [I0055]
    1659-03-28 E0085 BROCKLEBANK, Hannah [I0039]
    1660-02-15 E4602 BURPEE, Sarah [I3481]
    1661-05-09 E0040 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0019]
    1663-04-05 E0041 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0020]
    1663-12-25 E4631 BURPEE, Thomas [I3504]
    1664-04-03 E0061 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0030]
    1665-02-19 E8808 HIDDEN, Elizabeth [I9183]
    1665-10-08 E2023 WHITING, Oliver [I1532]
    1665-10-21 E0044 STICKNEY, William [I0021]
    1666-06-23 E0064 STICKNEY, John [I0031]
    1667-04-09 E8813 HOPKINSON, Esther [I9192]
    1667-10-20 E0045 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0022]
    1667-12-09 E0068 STICKNEY, Andrew [I0032]
    1671-04-14 E0073 STICKNEY, Joseph [I0034]
    1671-10-21 E0167 POOR, Mary [I0082]
    1672-01-06 E4613 PLATTS, Isaac [I3488]
    1672-04-30 E0128 HESELTINE, Mary [I0062]
    1672-06-07 E0192 SOMERBY, Rebecca [I0091]
    1673-04-04 E0075 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I0035]
    1673-11-03 E0343 BARKER, John [I0172]
    1674-01-27 E0049 STICKNEY, William [I0024]
    1674-04-06 E0217 PALMER, Mary [I0104]
    1674/5-03-12 (Julian) E0106 GAGE, Elizabeth [I0048]
    1676-03-31 E0080 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0037]
    1676-06-22 E0107 GAGE, Son [I0049]
    1676-06-22 E0109 GAGE, Daughter [I0050]
    1676-06-22 E0196 CHUTE, Elizabeth [I0093]
    1676/7-03-19 (Julian) E0053 STICKNEY, Thomas [I0025]
    1677-08-06 E0156 HESELTINE, Anna [I0077]
    1677-11-26 E0083 STICKNEY, Moses [I0038]
    1678-03-29 E4615 JEWETT, Elizabeth [I3489]
    1679-02-11 E0056 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I0026]
    1681-05-28 E0122 TENNY, Thomas [I0058]
    1681-07-23 E0087 STICKNEY, Hannah [I0040]
    1684-06-08 E0123 TENNY, Daniel [I0059]
    1684-06-13 E0088 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0041]
    1685-01-13 E8786 FOWLER, John [I9159]
    1685-05-11 E8788 JACOB, Mercy [I9160]
    1686-03-01 E0089 STICKNEY, Mary [I0042]
    1687-11-28 E0125 TENNY, Sarah [I0060]
    1689-05-27 E0350 KIMBALL, Richard [I0180]
    1689-06-21 E0281 PALMER, John [I0136]
    1689-12-04 E0120 STICKNEY, Mehitable [I0056]
    1689/90-03-02 (Julian) E0126 TENNY, Daniel [I0061]
    1690-03-26 E0093 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0043]
    1690-10-16 E2179 KINGSBURY, John [I1706]
    1690-12-09 E0130 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0063]
    1691-07-01 E0170 STICKNEY, Mary [I0083]
    1692-09-26 E0355 MULLICKIN, Mary [I0184]
    1692-09-29 E0131 STICKNEY, Mary [I0064]
    1692/3-01-16 (Julian) E0194 STICKNEY, Rebecca [I0092]
    1693-02-04 E0097 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0044]
    1693-07-30 E0172 STICKNEY, John [I0084]
    1694-05-22 E0326 PALMER, Francis [I0157]
    1694-08-23 E0134 STICKNEY, Thomas [I0065]
    1694/5-01-10 (Julian) E0333 PALMER, Timothy [I0162]
    1695-12-23 E0197 STICKNEY, Rebecca [I0094]
    1696-03-08 E0375 MULLICKIN, Benjamin [I0195]
    1696-05-12 E0173 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0085]
    1696-08-20 E0137 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0066]
    1696-11-10 E0100 STICKNEY, Jane [I0045]
    about 1697 E0293 PERLEY, Susannah [I0146]
    1698-09-15 E0175 STICKNEY, Prudence [I0086]
    1698-12-25 E2195 NOYES, Ephraim [I1716]
    1699-04-23 E0199 STICKNEY, Amos [I0095]
    1699-10-31 E0138 STICKNEY, Amos [I0067]
    1699-12-07 E8812 BURPEE, Jonathan [I9190]
    1699/700-01-23 (Julian) E0102 STICKNEY, John [I0046]
    1700-12-19 E0179 STICKNEY, Joseph [I0087]
    1701-04-22 E2248 WICOME, Hepzibah [I1744]
    1701-06-15 E8802 DAVIS, Nathan [I9178]
    1701-08-24 E0141 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0068]
    1701-09-28 E0221 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I0105]
    1701/2-02-09 (Julian) E0201 STICKNEY, Andrew [I0096]
    1702-04-30 E2320 SPOFFORD, Elizabeth [I1797]
    1702-08-01 E0158 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I0078]
    1703-04-23 E0225 STICKNEY, Moses [I0106]
    1703-07-04 E0205 STICKNEY, David [I0097]
    1703-10-16 E0143 STICKNEY, Abraham [I0069]
    1703-11-08 E0255 WEED, Daniel [I0119]
    1704-03-05 E2345 PICKARD, Jane [I1806]
    1704-08-02 E2283 GOODRIDGE, Mehitable [I1766]
    1705-02-15 E0482 WHITING, Anna [I0258]
    1705-04-04 E0207 STICKNEY, Stephen [I0098]
    1705-07-25 E0145 STICKNEY, Ebenezer [I0070]
    1705-09-19 E4616 PLATTS, Hannah [I3490]
    1705-10-08 E0229 STICKNEY, Joseph [I0107]
    1704/5-10-14 (Julian) E0162 STICKNEY, William [I0079]
    1706 E0518 HILL, Mary [I0274]
    1706-03-07 E0232 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I0108]
    1706-03-07 E0456 CARLETON, Elizabeth [I0245]
    about 1707 E2538 JANVRIN, John [I1915]
    1707-01-19 E0147 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I0071]
    1706/7-02-06 (Julian) E0165 STICKNEY, Daniel [I0080]
    1706/7-02-27 (Julian) E8804 DAVIS, Mary [I9179]
    1707-03-11 E0384 HARDY, Elizabeth [I0202]
    1707-03-31 E2297 LUNT, Abner [I1771]
    1707-04-13 E2403 BROCKLEBANK, Mary [I1831]
    1707-05-06 E0183 STICKNEY, Moses [I0088]
    1708 E2273 _, Mary [I1760]
    1708-01-15 E0260 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0122]
    1707/8-02-12 (Julian) E2444 HARDY, Moses [I1851]
    1708-04-04 E0235 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0109]
    1709-01-16 E0261 STICKNEY, Eunice [I0123]
    1709-06-05 E0187 STICKNEY, Amos [I0089]
    about 1710 E2241 POOR, John [I1737]
    1710 E2381 FISK, Mary [I1824]
    1709/10-01-26 (Julian) E0239 STICKNEY, Thomas [I0110]
    1710-05-01 E0283 PALMER, Elizabeth [I0137]
    1710-06-08 E2405 PLATTS, Faith [I1832]
    1710-12-10 E2271 ATKINSON, Sarah [I1759]
    1711-09-18 E0264 STICKNEY, John [I0124]
    1712-02-01 E2358 GOODRIDGE, Hannah [I1812]
    1711/2-03-18 (Julian) E0152 STICKNEY, Dorothy [I0073]
    1712-07-17 E0583 HOVEY, Joseph [I0320]
    1712-07-31 E0284 PALMER, Daniel [I0138]
    1712-12-15 E2435 BOYNTON, David [I1842]
    about 1713 E2220 PETTINGELL, Lydia [I1728]
    1713-02-02 E0267 STICKNEY, Jane [I0125]
    1714-03-13 E8784 HOWE, Mercy [I9152]
    1714-10-27 E0154 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I0074]
    1714-12-24 E0285 PALMER, Jane [I0139]
    1715-06-30 E2462 WINGATE, Abigail [I1871]
    about 1716 E2234 BURRILL, Mary [I1734]
    1716-07-25 E0296 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0147]
    1716-09-29 E0278 DOLE, Sarah [I0133]
    1716-10-03 E0191 STICKNEY, Edna [I0090]
    1716-12-06 E2181 KINGSBURY, Mary [I1707]
    about 1717 E0411 SYMONDS, Alice [I0217]
    about 1717 E0559 FLINT, Hannah [I0304]
    1717-03-03 E0357 STICKNEY, Mehetable [I0185]
    1717-06-01 E0286 PALMER, Mary [I0140]
    1717-06-11 E0270 STICKNEY, Molly [I0127]
    1718-05-28 E0328 PALMER, Ann [I0158]
    1718-10-21 E0359 STICKNEY, Amos [I0186]
    1719 E0507 BALLARD, Hannah [I0269]
    1718/9-02-02 (Julian) E0279 DOLE, Stephen [I0134]
    1719-03-31 E0299 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0148]
    1719-04-11 E0352 KIMBALL, Mary [I0181]
    1719-04-25 E2445 BOYNTON, Joshua [I1854]
    1719-07-19 E2182 KINGSBURY, Hannah [I1708]
    1719-08-06 E0346 SPOFFORD, Bethiah [I0176]
    1719-10-05 E0272 STICKNEY, William [I0128]
    1719-12-30 E0287 PALMER, Hannah [I0141]
    1720-01-09 E2186 STICKNEY, Caleb [I1712]
    1720-08-19 E0566 WORCESTER, Moses [I0308]
    1720-09-09 E0329 PALMER, Stephen [I0159]
    1720-10-16 E0361 STICKNEY, Mary [I0187]
    1720-12-08 E2183 KINGSBURY, Sarah [I1709]
    1721-05-27 E0300 STICKNEY, Lydia [I0149]
    1721-09-27 E0353 KIMBALL, Richard [I0182]
    1722-01-12 E0274 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0129]
    1721/2-02-07 (Julian) E0288 PALMER, Sarah [I0142]
    1722-07-04 E2184 KINGSBURY, Abigail [I1710]
    1722-08-19 E0364 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0188]
    1722-10-01 E0347 SPOFFORD, Samuel [I0177]
    1722-11-22 E2249 STICKNEY, Daniel [I1745]
    1723-02-01 E7807 FRYE, Peter [I7230]
    1722/3-02-11 (Julian) E0376 MULLICKIN, Sarah [I0196]
    1723-03-13 E2189 STICKNEY, Enoch [I1713]
    1723-04-30 E0331 SYLE, Hannah [I0161]
    1723-09-08 E0302 STICKNEY, Moses [I0150]
    1723-10-02 E2196 NOYES, Edna [I1717]
    1724-04-17 E0290 PALMER, Sarah [I0143]
    1724-05-12 E2205 STICKNEY, Anthony [I1722]
    1724-05-19 E2564 MORSE, Judith [I1939]
    1724-07-21 E0377 MULLICKIN, Elizabeth [I0197]
    1724-10-03 E0366 STICKNEY, Rebeckah [I0189]
    1724-10-27 E0354 KIMBALL, Sarah [I0183]
    1725-03-17 E2251 STICKNEY, Martha [I1749]
    1725-04-10 E2198 NOYES, Prudence [I1718]
    1725-07-26 E0459 STICKNEY, William [I0246]
    1725-07-28 E0280 DOLE, Amos [I0135]
    1725-09-15 E2545 TITCOMB, Sarah [I1932]
    1725-12-13 E0378 MULLICKIN, Ebenezer [I0198]
    1725/6-03-21 (Julian) E0335 STICKNEY, John [I0164]
    1726-05-21 E7698 BURPEE, Jeremiah [I7095]
    1726-06-10 E0348 SPOFFORD, Thomas [I0178]
    1726-08-27 E0306 STICKNEY, William [I0151]
    1726-09-11 E0368 STICKNEY, Thomas [I0190]
    1726/7-02-17 (Julian) E2298 LUNT, Hannah [I1772]
    1726/7-03-18 (Julian) E0291 PALMER, Mehitable [I0144]
    1726/7-03-20 (Julian) E7699 SAUNDERS, Mary [I7096]
    1727-04-10 E2200 NOYES, Anna [I1719]
    1727-08-12 E2646 ATKINSON, Theodore [I1982]
    1727-11-13 E0380 MULLICKIN, Amos [I0199]
    1728-10-13 E2299 LUNT, Jane [I1773]
    1728-10-27 E0370 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0191]
    1729 E0802 HIXON, Richard [I0473]
    about 1729 E2449 JEWETT, Abigail [I1863]
    about 1729 E3354 SANDERS, Humphrey [I2442]
    1729-02-11 E2347 STICKNEY, Moses [I1807]
    1729-02-24 E2210 STICKNEY, Joseph [I1724]
    1729-03-15 E2254 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1752]
    1729-03-19 E2222 STICKNEY, Jemima [I1729]
    1729-03-22 E0309 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0152]
    1729-06-15 E0463 STICKNEY, Thomas [I0247]
    1729-07-21 E0381 MULLICKIN, Mary [I0200]
    1729-08-09 E0349 SPOFFORD, Amos [I0179]
    1729-10-12 E2620 ATKINSON, Lydia [I1972]
    1729-11-30 E0292 PALMER, John [I0145]
    about 1730 E3503 GRAVES, Sarah [I2573]
    1730-03-03 E2201 NOYES, Edna [I1720]
    1729/30-03-02 (Julian) E0485 STICKNEY, William [I0259]
    1730-04-01 E2383 STICKNEY, William [I1825]
    1730-06-26 E2224 STICKNEY, Richard [I1730]
    1730-07-28 E0386 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0203]
    1730-08-03 E0339 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0166]
    1730-09-14 E2300 LUNT, Sarah [I1774]
    1730-12-04 E0371 STICKNEY, Dorothy [I0192]
    1730-12-22 E2349 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1808]
    about 1731 E2904 DOLE, Anna [I2152]
    1730/1-01-02 (Julian) E0520 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I0275]
    1731-03-01 E1605 CHASE, Jonathan [I1216]
    1731-04-24 E0466 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I0248]
    1731-05-10 E2256 STICKNEY, David [I1753]
    1731-07-12 E0395 STICKNEY, Abigail [I0210]
    1731-09-13 E1603 EVANS, John [I1214]
    1731-10-19 E3094 HALE, Abigail [I2272]
    1731-11-24 E2192 STICKNEY, John [I1714]
    1731-12-21 E0487 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0260]
    1731-12-31 E2351 STICKNEY, Jane [I1809]
    1732-01-07 E0450 TIDD, Mary [I0238]
    1731/2-01-04 (Julian) E0388 STICKNEY, Abigail [I0204]
    1731/2-01-24 (Julian) E2387 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I1826]
    1732-07-18 E1586 OSGOOD, Anna [I1205]
    1732-07-25 E2301 LUNT, Abner [I1775]
    1732-09-02 E0383 MULLICKIN, Rebecca [I0201]
    1732/3-01-05 (Julian) E0522 STICKNEY, David [I0276]
    1733-01-22 E2285 STICKNEY, Rebecca [I1767]
    1733-03-24 E2226 STICKNEY, Lydia [I1731]
    1733-03-28 E2259 STICKNEY, John [I1754]
    1733-04-04 E0316 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0154]
    1733-05-25 E2322 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1798]
    1733-06-23 E2353 STICKNEY, Joseph [I1810]
    1733-08-27 E0489 STICKNEY, William [I0261]
    1733-09-05 E0340 STICKNEY, Lucy [I0167]
    1733-09-20 E0389 STICKNEY, Hannah [I0205]
    1733-10-29 E2302 NOYES, David [I1777]
    1733-11-28 E0397 STICKNEY, Abraham [I0211]
    1733-12-10 E0468 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0249]
    1734-03-25 E2408 STICKNEY, Hannah [I1833]
    1734-05-11 E0451 TIDD, Joseph [I0239]
    1734-10-11 E2390 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I1827]
    1734-10-24 E0372 STICKNEY, Thomas [I0193]
    about 1735 E1734 PUTNAM, Rachel [I1297]
    1735-01-00 E2218 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1727]
    about 1735 E3138 TYLER, Margaret [I2297]
    1735-01-06 E0469 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0250]
    before 1735-01-27 E0432 STICKNEY, Mary [I0229]
    before 1735-01-27 E0434 STICKNEY, Bethiah [I0230]
    1735-01-27 E0436 STICKNEY, Solomon [I0231]
    1734/5-03-03 (Julian) E0491 STICKNEY, Anna [I0262]
    1735-04-01 E2356 STICKNEY, Jedediah [I1811]
    1735-04-14 E0655 BARKER, Jedediah [I0373]
    1735-06-09 E3165 TYLER, Abraham [I2314]
    1735-07-05 E0390 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0206]
    1735-07-07 E2228 STICKNEY, Amos [I1732]
    1735-09-12 E2275 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1761]
    1735-09-25 E2262 STICKNEY, James [I1755]
    1735-09-25 E2266 STICKNEY, William [I1756]
    1735-09-29 E2411 STICKNEY, Mary [I1834]
    1736 E2960 HILTON, Samuel [I2187]
    1736-02-01 E0413 STICKNEY, Asa [I0218]
    1736-05-25 E2393 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1828]
    1736-07-12 E2303 NOYES, Zebulon [I1778]
    1736-08-17 E0524 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I0277]
    1736-09-25 E0319 STICKNEY, David [I0155]
    1736-12-11 E2288 STICKNEY, Joshua [I1768]
    about 1737 E0660 KITTREDGE, Sarah [I0381]
    about 1737 E0811 FARNUM, Rachel [I0486]
    about 1737 E1637 VIRGIN, William [I1243]
    about 1737 E3019 METCALF, Sarah [I2249]
    about 1737 E3531 GOULD, Sarah [I2586]
    1737-02-05 E0439 STICKNEY, Solomon [I0232]
    1737-04-20 E0391 STICKNEY, Dorothy [I0207]
    1737-06-03 E2412 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1835]
    1737-07-09 E0601 TENNEY, Sarah [I0337]
    1737-07-23 E0493 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0263]
    1737-07-24 E2232 STICKNEY, Mary [I1733]
    1737-08-09 E0415 STICKNEY, Daniel [I0219]
    1737-08-16 E0452 TIDD, Ebenezer [I0240]
    1737-09-20 E2276 STICKNEY, Jacob [I1762]
    1737-10-14 E0471 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0251]
    1737-12-01 E0400 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I0212]
    about 1738 E1736 _, Silence [I1298]
    about 1738 E3296 THURSTON, Mary [I2413]
    1738-01-11 E0527 STICKNEY, Mary [I0278]
    1738-05-18 E2397 STICKNEY, Moses [I1829]
    1738-06-27 E2360 STICKNEY, Hannah [I1813]
    1738-06-27 E2362 STICKNEY, Abigail [I1814]
    1738-07-20 E2268 STICKNEY, Jerusha [I1757]
    1738-07-23 E2304 NOYES, Ann [I1779]
    about 1739 E1608 WEBSTER, Sarah [I1224]
    1739-02-22 E2291 STICKNEY, Oliver [I1769]
    1738/9-02-19 (Julian) E2465 STICKNEY, John [I1872]
    1739-03-08 E0453 TIDD, Sarah [I0241]
    1738/9-03-03 (Julian) E0495 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I0264]
    1739-03-21 E2436 BOYNTON, Sarah [I1843]
    1739-05-04 E3215 PEABODY, Daniel [I2352]
    1739-05-05 E2416 STICKNEY, Jedediah [I1836]
    1739-06-03 E3160 EMERY, Joseph [I2309]
    1739-08-03 E0473 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I0252]
    1739-10-12 E0417 STICKNEY, Alice [I0220]
    1739-11-02 E2278 STICKNEY, Thomas [I1763]
    1739-11-11 E2364 STICKNEY, Susanna [I1815]
    about 1740 E2648 PETTINGELL, Susanna [I1984]
    1740-01-09 E0688 BELKNAP, Mary [I0401]
    1739/40-03-05 (Julian) E2329 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I1801]
    1740-05-23 E2305 NOYES, Nathaniel [I1780]
    1740-07-14 E2237 STICKNEY, John [I1735]
    1740-08-29 E2977 GOULD, Dorothy [I2196]
    1740-08-30 E0498 STICKNEY, Eleazer [I0265]
    1740-09-07 E3406 JOHNSTON, Benjamin [I2487]
    1740-09-29 E1652 OSGOOD, Benjamin [I1255]
    1740-10-02 E2468 STICKNEY, Abigail [I1873]
    1740-10-19 E2401 STICKNEY, Eunice [I1830]
    about 1741 E8209 WARD, Ephraim [I8124]
    1741-02-21 E2437 BOYNTON, David [I1844]
    1740/1-02-18 (Julian) E2332 STICKNEY, Thomas [I1802]
    1741-03-26 E2421 STICKNEY, Isaac [I1837]
    1741-05-12 E0528 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I0279]
    1741-06-21 E0441 STICKNEY, Jonas [I0233]
    1741-08-09 E2366 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1816]
    1741-08-28 E0533 WOODMAN, Richard [I0287]
    1741-09-03 E0475 STICKNEY, Ann [I0253]
    1741-10-11 E0536 WOOD, John [I0291]
    1741-10-23 E2498 STICKNEY, John [I1895]
    1742-01-07 E2280 STICKNEY, David [I1764]
    1742-01-13 E3192 RAYMOND, Rebecca [I2339]
    1741/2-02-18 (Julian) E2334 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1803]
    1742-04-08 E2306 NOYES, Josiah [I1781]
    1742-06-21 E0454 TIDD, Benjamin [I0242]
    1742-08-00 E0749 RICHARDSON, Mary [I0433]
    1742-08-06 E0403 STICKNEY, James [I0213]
    1742-12-10 E0420 STICKNEY, Asa [I0221]
    about 1743 E0406 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0214]
    1743-01-19 E2972 STILES, Hannah [I2192]
    1743-02-05 E2438 BOYNTON, Samuel [I1845]
    1742/3-02-26 (Julian) E2470 STICKNEY, Anne [I1874]
    1743-03-10 E2548 STICKNEY, Jacob [I1933]
    1743-03-26 E2424 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1838]
    1743-04-03 E0501 STICKNEY, William [I0266]
    1743-04-14 E0476 STICKNEY, Bethia [I0254]
    1743-04-14 E0478 STICKNEY, Mehetable [I0255]
    1743-06-16 E2368 STICKNEY, Anna [I1817]
    1743-07-16 E2336 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1804]
    1743-08-15 E0530 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0280]
    1743-08-26 E6257 COFFIN, Joseph [I5456]
    1743-11-10 E2294 STICKNEY, Stephen [I1770]
    1743-12-09 E2682 MOODY, Sarah [I2007]
    1744-01-30 E0579 STICKNEY, Mary [I0318]
    1744-02-22 E2473 STICKNEY, Mary [I1875]
    1744-03-18 E2307 NOYES, Mary [I1782]
    1744-03-31 E0443 STICKNEY, John [I0234]
    1744-04-08 E0538 WOOD, Thomas [I0292]
    1744-04-11 E2240 STICKNEY, Mary [I1736]
    1744-05-16 E0549 STICKNEY, John [I0299]
    1744-10-18 E0568 WORCESTER, Molly [I0309]
    1744-12-30 E0585 HOVEY, Dorothy [I0321]
    about 1745 E0408 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0215]
    about 1745 E0422 STICKNEY, Abigail [I0222]
    about 1745 E0781 HOWARD, Elizabeth [I0465]
    1745-01-19 E2243 POOR, Amos [I1738]
    1745-02-02 E2439 BOYNTON, Amos [I1846]
    1745-02-07 E2369 STICKNEY, Lemuel [I1818]
    1745-10-06 E1682 WALKER, Abigail [I1273]
    1745-10-08 E0446 STICKNEY, Mary [I0235]
    1745-10-26 E2551 STICKNEY, Moses [I1934]
    1745-10-28 E0581 STICKNEY, Ebenezer [I0319]
    1745-12-22 E2477 STICKNEY, William [I1876]
    about 1746 E3085 SEARLE, Lucy [I2269]
    1745/6-03-09 (Julian) E0503 STICKNEY, Anna [I0267]
    1746-04-01 E0532 STICKNEY, Rachel [I0281]
    1746-04-07 E0479 STICKNEY, Miriam [I0256]
    1746-05-16 E2341 STICKNEY, Amos [I1805]
    1746-05-23 E0586 HOVEY, Joseph [I0322]
    1746-06-01 E0551 STICKNEY, Jane [I0300]
    1746-09-07 E0540 WOOD, Mary [I0293]
    1746-12-26 E2504 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I1897]
    about 1747 E0409 STICKNEY, William [I0216]
    1747-01-10 E2371 STICKNEY, Eliphalet [I1819]
    1747-04-07 E2481 STICKNEY, Thomas [I1877]
    1747-06-23 E0569 WORCESTER, Moses [I0310]
    1747-09-22 E0480 STICKNEY, Bethia [I0257]
    about 1748 E2958 CLOUGH, Esther [I2185]
    1748-01-15 E0552 STICKNEY, Thomas [I0301]
    1747/8-03-02 (Julian) E2608 STICKNEY, Anthony Somerby [I1964]
    1748-03-15 E0587 HOVEY, Lucy [I0323]
    1748-03-29 E0505 STICKNEY, John [I0268]
    1748-06-14 E0423 STICKNEY, Jacob [I0223]
    1748-06-17 E2765 BROWN, Ruth [I2059]
    1748-08-07 E2553 STICKNEY, Caleb [I1935]
    1748-09-07 E0541 WOOD, Mary [I0294]
    1748-11-29 E2440 BOYNTON, Thomas [I1847]
    about 1749 E2700 WOODWELL, Sarah [I2015]
    1749-04-27 E0571 WORCESTER, Nathaniel [I0311]
    1749-08-06 E2430 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1840]
    1749-10-11 E2244 POOR, Edna [I1739]
    1749-10-11 E2245 POOR, Mary [I1740]
    1749-10-26 E0455 TIDD, John [I0243]
    1749-11-00 E2721 FERNALD, Humphrey [I2025]
    about 1750 E0425 STICKNEY, Phebe [I0224]
    about 1750 E2688 BOARDMAN, Sarah [I2009]
    about 1750 E3223 KIMBALL, Rebecca [I2360]
    about 1750 E3378 BRIDGES, Samuel [I2459]
    1750-01-29 E0543 WOOD, Sarah [I0295]
    1750-03-27 E2441 BOYNTON, Mary [I1848]
    1750-04-20 E2506 STICKNEY, Abigail [I1898]
    1749/50-05-03 (Julian) E2485 STICKNEY, Joseph [I1878]
    1750-06-29 E0596 WOOD, Ebenezer [I0332]
    1750-07-14 E0588 HOVEY, Ivory [I0324]
    1750-09-18 E0799 NASH, Lucy [I0472]
    about 1751 E2659 NOYES, Eleanor [I1988]
    about 1751 E2718 GERRISH, Mary [I2022]
    about 1751 E3417 TUCKER, Sarah [I2494]
    about 1751 E3431 BLODGET, Abigail [I2499]
    about 1751 E4744 _, Rebecca [I3762]
    1751-04-07 E0556 STICKNEY, Sylas Richard [I0302]
    1751-05-07 E0510 STICKNEY, Anna [I0270]
    1751-08-17 E0573 WORCESTER, Moses [I0312]
    1751-09-20 E2907 STICKNEY, Andrew [I2153]
    1751-11-03 E2442 BOYNTON, Moses [I1849]
    1751-11-21 E3097 STICKNEY, Moses [I2273]
    about 1752 E0763 WHEELER, Abner [I0445]
    1752-03-06 E0597 WOOD, William [I0333]
    1752-04-22 E7700 BURPEE, David [I7097]
    1752-05-12 E2622 STICKNEY, Moses [I1973]
    1752-09-24 E0589 HOVEY, Lois [I0325]
    1752-10-28 E0512 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I0271]
    1752-11-01 E2451 STICKNEY, Mary [I1864]
    1752-11-24 E2488 STICKNEY, Mary [I1879]
    1752-12-03 E2376 STICKNEY, Asa [I1821]
    1752-12-29 E2613 STICKNEY, James [I1966]
    1753-03-00 E2910 STICKNEY, Anna [I2154]
    1753-03-31 E0628 HILLS, Hannah [I0354]
    1753-04-18 E2432 STICKNEY, Mehetabel [I1841]
    1753-05-20 E2514 STICKNEY, Sally [I1905]
    1753-06-18 E0558 STICKNEY, Hannah [I0303]
    1753-07-24 E2378 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1822]
    1753-08-00 E2443 BOYNTON, Jonathan [I1850]
    1753-10-23 E0545 WOOD, Moses [I0296]
    1753-12-07 E1588 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1206]
    1753-12-09 E3099 STICKNEY, Simon [I2274]
    1753-12-17 E0426 STICKNEY, Jacob [I0225]
    about 1754 E0428 STICKNEY, Dorothy [I0226]
    about 1754 E0723 _, Elizabeth [I0417]
    about 1754 E0836 HARRINGTON, Rebecca [I0511]
    1754-03-28 E2508 STICKNEY, Susanna [I1899]
    1754-03-31 E0514 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0272]
    1754-04-07 E2540 JANVRIN, John [I1916]
    1754-04-08 E0574 WORCESTER, Sarah [I0313]
    1754-04-08 E2454 STICKNEY, Aaron [I1865]
    1754-06-14 E0598 WOOD, Thomas [I0334]
    1754-10-17 E2625 STICKNEY, Theodore Atkinson [I1974]
    1754-12-15 E0591 HOVEY, Rebecca [I0326]
    about 1755 E2736 PECKER, Elizabeth [I2034]
    about 1755 E3572 ELSWORTH, Martha [I2613]
    1755-01-06 E2379 STICKNEY, Thomas [I1823]
    1755-02-24 E2446 BOYNTON, Elias [I1857]
    1755-03-17 E2516 STICKNEY, William [I1906]
    1755-06-17 E2616 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1967]
    1755-06-21 E0629 HILLS, Samuel [I0355]
    1755-06-28 E3118 CARLTON, Joseph [I2285]
    1755-07-23 E3101 STICKNEY, Barzillia [I2275]
    1755-08-19 E0643 KIMBALL, Hannah [I0363]
    1755-08-25 E2587 STICKNEY, Daniel [I1952]
    1755-09-24 E2458 STICKNEY, Amos [I1866]
    1755-10-15 E3534 STICKNEY, Dutee [I2587]
    1755-11-14 E2913 STICKNEY, David [I2155]
    1755-12-25 E3278 COLE, Priscilla [I2400]
    about 1756 E3257 McINTIRE, Ruth [I2388]
    1756-01-19 E0575 WORCESTER, William [I0314]
    1756-02-29 E0516 STICKNEY, Joseph [I0273]
    1756-04-07 E0599 WOOD, Amos [I0335]
    1756-05-22 E0662 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0382]
    1756-06-02 E7701 BURPEE, Edward [I7098]
    1756-06-11 E2246 POOR, Hannah [I1741]
    1756-06-22 E2541 JANVRIN, William [I1917]
    1756-06-28 E1590 STICKNEY, Mary [I1207]
    1756-07-25 E0429 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0227]
    1756-09-24 E3167 TYLER, Sarah [I2315]
    1756-11-05 E2627 STICKNEY, Judith [I1975]
    1756-12-14 E3537 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2588]
    1757 E3119 CARLTON, Jane [I2286]
    about 1757 E3157 HERRICK, Sarah [I2307]
    about 1757 E4784 HOOPER, Joseph [I3795]
    1757-03-22 E2518 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1907]
    1757-03-24 E3797 KIMBALL, Nathaniel [I2789]
    1757-04-21 E3907 HASTINGS, Mary [I2869]
    1757-05-17 E2510 STICKNEY, Joseph [I1900]
    1757-05-21 E0631 HILLS, Thomas [I0356]
    1757-05-31 E0592 HOVEY, Amos [I0327]
    1757-08-14 E0561 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0305]
    1757-09-26 E8814 GALLISHAN, Betsey [I9195]
    1757-09-29 E0644 KIMBALL, William [I0364]
    1757-11-23 E0546 WOOD, Mehetable [I0297]
    about 1758 E1126 BELL, Abigail [I0795]
    about 1758 E1802 ODLIN, John [I1345]
    1758-01-08 E2915 STICKNEY, Mary [I2156]
    1758-02-09 E0547 WOOD, Samuel [I0298]
    1758-05-01 E3168 TYLER, Abigail [I2316]
    1758-05-30 E0663 STICKNEY, Abraham [I0383]
    1758-06-01 E2542 JANVRIN, James [I1918]
    1758-07-13 E2589 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1953]
    1758-08-08 E2491 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I1881]
    1758-08-11 E3140 STICKNEY, Ancil [I2298]
    1758-08-13 E1739 STICKNEY, Silence [I1299]
    1758-08-17 E3022 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2250]
    1758-08-19 E4432 FLANDERS, Elizabeth [I3339]
    1758-08-30 E0600 WOOD, Asa [I0336]
    1758-10-03 E3102 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I2276]
    1758-10-10 E3331 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I2426]
    1758-11-25 E3558 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2599]
    1758-12-08 E1593 STICKNEY, William [I1208]
    1758-12-22 E6441 ADAMS, Thomas [I5661]
    1758-12-25 E2629 STICKNEY, Moses [I1976]
    about 1759 E2755 HIDDEN, David [I2046]
    about 1759 E4391 PECK, Hannah [I3313]
    1759-01-14 E0576 WORCESTER, Samuel [I0315]
    1759-01-31 E3335 STICKNEY, Moses [I2428]
    1759-02-24 E2916 STICKNEY, Rebecca [I2157]
    1759-04-30 E2520 STICKNEY, Abigail [I1908]
    1759-05-06 E0633 HILLS, Betsey [I0357]
    1759-06-14 E0593 HOVEY, Lois [I0328]
    1759-06-15 E3506 STICKNEY, Josiah [I2574]
    1758/9-07-26 (Julian) E2512 STICKNEY, Levi [I1901]
    1759-08-06 E3671 MORSE, Sarah [I2675]
    1759-08-25 E0562 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0306]
    1759-08-26 E2946 STICKNEY, Stephen [I2173]
    1759-09-13 E3169 TYLER, Hannah [I2317]
    1759-09-23 E2247 POOR, Moses [I1742]
    1759-12-09 E4378 CHIPMAN, Elizabeth [I3306]
    about 1760 E1789 SOUTHER, John [I1337]
    1760 E3120 CARLTON, Molly [I2287]
    about 1760 E3717 MOODY, Elizabeth [I2712]
    1760-01-17 E0657 BARKER, James [I0375]
    1760-01-22 E3026 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I2251]
    1760-01-22 E8818 GALLOP, Hannah [I9198]
    1760-02-01 E1611 STICKNEY, John [I1225]
    1760-05-07 E0645 KIMBALL, Jesse [I0365]
    1760-06-10 E3123 STICKNEY, Hitte [I2290]
    1760-06-14 E3963 SCOVEL, Martha [I2906]
    1760-07-08 E4069 PHELPS, Rachel [I2995]
    1760-08-06 E3922 RICE, Zerviah [I2878]
    1760-08-07 E3141 STICKNEY, Nathan [I2299]
    1760-09-17 E3299 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I2414]
    1760-09-19 E4520 BURPEE, Jeremiah [I3411]
    1760-09-30 E3539 STICKNEY, Daniel [I2589]
    1760-10-29 E2633 STICKNEY, Joseph [I1977]
    1760-11-20 E2918 STICKNEY, William [I2158]
    about 1761 E3624 FRYE, Judith [I2649]
    about 1761 E3923 BLACKMAN, Hannah [I2882]
    1761-01-04 E0635 HILLS, Nehemiah [I0358]
    1761-01-24 E2311 STICKNEY, Reuben [I1786]
    1761-02-13 E3104 STICKNEY, Lemuel [I2277]
    1761-02-28 E4489 RYERSON, Joseph [I3386]
    1761-03-04 E0577 WORCESTER, Dolly [I0316]
    1761-03-17 E0665 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0384]
    1761-04-07 E3351 STICKNEY, Peter [I2440]
    1761-04-22 E2522 STICKNEY, Anna [I1909]
    1761-04-29 E1613 STICKNEY, Jane [I1226]
    1761-05-23 E2810 EVANS, Thomas [I2084]
    1761-07-10 E0564 STICKNEY, Amos [I0307]
    1761-08-13 E1594 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I1209]
    1761-10-11 E3337 STICKNEY, Eunice [I2429]
    1761-10-24 E3029 STICKNEY, Molly [I2252]
    1761-11-27 E0603 STICKNEY, Hannah [I0338]
    1761-12-20 E2590 STICKNEY, John [I1954]
    about 1762 E1752 EMERSON, Susanna [I1318]
    about 1762 E3465 LEACH, Molly [I2529]
    1762-01-08 E3216 PEABODY, Ann [I2353]
    1762-01-17 E3560 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I2600]
    1762-01-26 E1615 STICKNEY, Daniel [I1227]
    1762-02-05 E0594 HOVEY, Thomas [I0329]
    1762-02-20 E2985 CLEAVELAND, Sarah [I2206]
    1762-03-06 E2543 JANVRIN, George [I1919]
    1762-04-13 E3125 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2291]
    1762-05-13 E3525 STICKNEY, Samuel [I2584]
    1762-06-03 E3144 STICKNEY, Ancil [I2300]
    1762-11-02 E1817 EVANS, Mary [I1362]
    1762-11-12 E0647 KIMBALL, Asa [I0366]
    1762-11-23 E0637 HILLS, Paul [I0359]
    1762-12-10 E1639 VIRGIN, Sarah [I1244]
    1762-12-25 E2948 STICKNEY, Mary [I2174]
    1763 E1740 GOSS, James [I1301]
    about 1763 E2760 MORES, Lydia [I2055]
    about 1763 E4763 WHITMORE, Sally Hart [I3780]
    1763-01-12 E3509 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2575]
    1763-01-21 E0658 BARKER, Samuel [I0376]
    1763-02-02 E3033 STICKNEY, Thomas [I2253]
    1763-02-16 E3170 TYLER, Molly [I2318]
    1763-03-10 E2591 STICKNEY, William Stapleton [I1955]
    1763-04-09 E1655 STICKNEY, Martha [I1259]
    1763-04-30 E3303 STICKNEY, William [I2415]
    1763-05-25 E3106 STICKNEY, Paul [I2278]
    1763-06-14 E0666 STICKNEY, Abigail [I0385]
    1763-06-25 E2662 STICKNEY, Judith [I1991]
    1763-07-03 E2524 STICKNEY, Moses [I1910]
    1763-07-10 E4448 BAILEY, Mary [I3347]
    1763-07-29 E3562 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I2601]
    1763-08-27 E3543 STICKNEY, Betty [I2590]
    1763-09-05 E2618 STICKNEY, Dorcas [I1969]
    1763-09-12 E0606 STICKNEY, Daniel [I0339]
    1763-11-11 E3217 PEABODY, Hitty [I2354]
    1764-01-10 E0710 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0411]
    1764-02-06 E0739 WOODMAN, Amos [I0426]
    1764-02-14 E3338 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I2430]
    1764-06-15 E4077 PHELPS, Amelia [I3000]
    1764-08-25 E0639 HILLS, Dorothy [I0360]
    1764-09-13 E3146 STICKNEY, Apphia [I2301]
    1764-09-20 E3180 CARLTON, Eliphalet [I2329]
    1764-10-20 E1596 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I1210]
    1764-10-28 E1658 STICKNEY, Mary [I1260]
    1764-11-01 E2665 STICKNEY, Amos [I1992]
    1764-12-19 E3161 EMERY, Joseph [I2310]
    about 1765 E2741 PEIRCE, Mary [I2039]
    1765 E2956 STICKNEY, Mary [I2184]
    1765-02-05 E3127 STICKNEY, William [I2292]
    1765-02-10 E3171 TYLER, Priscilla [I2319]
    1765-03-08 E0648 KIMBALL, Abigail [I0367]
    1765-04-04 E2593 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1956]
    1765-04-18 E2527 STICKNEY, William [I1911]
    1765-06-15 E2638 STICKNEY, Lydia [I1979]
    1765-08-28 E0858 BALCH, Sarah [I0541]
    1765-09-07 E1641 VIRGIN, Jeremiah [I1245]
    1765-09-17 E0659 BARKER, Elizabeth [I0377]
    1765-09-20 E7703 BURPEE, Joseph [I7099]
    1765-10-07 E1721 STICKNEY, Daniel [I1291]
    1765-10-25 E0741 WOODMAN, Alice [I0427]
    1765-11-23 E3565 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2602]
    1765-12-02 E3108 STICKNEY, Olive [I2279]
    1766 E0773 STICKNEY, Lemuel [I0458]
    1766-01-22 E0667 STICKNEY, Annah [I0386]
    1766-01-22 E0713 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0412]
    1766-02-03 E3218 PEABODY, Daniel [I2355]
    1766-02-07 E1659 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1261]
    1766-02-08 E3181 CARLTON, Mary [I2330]
    1766-02-22 E3036 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I2254]
    1766-03-06 E4102 PEABODY, Oliver [I3016]
    1766-03-28 E3339 STICKNEY, Mary [I2431]
    1766-04-14 E2668 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I1993]
    1766-06-17 E3545 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2591]
    1766-08-01 E3148 STICKNEY, Betty [I2302]
    1766-08-09 E0608 STICKNEY, Molly [I0340]
    1766-08-19 E3162 EMERY, Samuel [I2311]
    1766-08-23 E0641 HILLS, Josiah [I0361]
    about 1766-09-00 E2942 STICKNEY, David [I2171]
    1766-09-20 E1496 MOODY, Eliphaz [I1132]
    1766-10-15 E3172 TYLER, Abraham [I2320]
    1766-10-30 E1598 STICKNEY, Mary [I1211]
    1766-12-05 E1619 STICKNEY, James [I1229]
    about 1767 E0680 STICKNEY, Jane [I0393]
    about 1767 E2808 GOODWIN, Hannah [I2083]
    about 1767 E3130 STICKNEY, Moody [I2293]
    1767-01-03 E1724 STICKNEY, Mary [I1292]
    1767-03-14 E2596 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1957]
    1767-03-15 E1642 VIRGIN, Ebenezer [I1246]
    1767-04-00 E3038 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2255]
    1767-06-07 E0649 KIMBALL, Dolly [I0368]
    1767-06-13 E2531 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I1912]
    1767-06-25 E1963 BAIRD, Abijah [I1478]
    1767-07-17 E3475 POOR, Betsey [I2537]
    1767-08-31 E1853 HAZELTINE, Hannah [I1385]
    1767-10-05 E3195 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2340]
    1767-10-14 E1661 STICKNEY, Anna [I1262]
    1767-10-26 E2925 STICKNEY, James Anderton [I2162]
    1767-11-29 E3182 CARLTON, Obadiah [I2331]
    about 1768 E1484 INGRAHAM, Lucretia [I1125]
    about 1768 E2799 EVANS, Dorothy [I2079]
    about 1768 E2857 JACKMAN, Jane [I2123]
    about 1768 E4398 MALEY, Alice [I3316]
    about 1768 E4407 STONE, Isaac [I3320]
    1768-01-11 E4768 MOODY, Alice [I3785]
    1768-01-28 E0690 STICKNEY, Marshall [I0402]
    1768-01-30 E3197 STICKNEY, Benjamin Raymond [I2341]
    1768-03-01 E2962 HILTON, Sarah [I2188]
    1768-04-04 E3566 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I2603]
    1768-04-11 E3109 STICKNEY, Jane [I2280]
    1768-04-12 E3219 PEABODY, John [I2356]
    1768-04-19 E3547 STICKNEY, John [I2592]
    1768-05-04 E0729 STICKNEY, Mehetable [I0420]
    1768-05-10 E0743 WOODMAN, Mehitable [I0428]
    1768-05-23 E0609 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0341]
    1768-05-29 E0669 STICKNEY, Joseph [I0387]
    1768-06-05 E0775 STICKNEY, Polly [I0459]
    1768-06-08 E2973 STICKNEY, Joshua [I2193]
    1768-07-18 E3163 EMERY, Jacob [I2312]
    1768-07-23 E3341 STICKNEY, Susannah [I2432]
    1768-07-27 E3041 STICKNEY, Mehitabel [I2256]
    1768-08-30 E3150 STICKNEY, Peggy [I2303]
    1768-10-04 E1620 STICKNEY, Jane [I1230]
    1768-10-13 E0716 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I0413]
    1768-10-16 E3295 DAVIS, Eunice [I2411]
    1768-10-25 E8207 GALLISHAN, Abigail [I8115]
    1768-10-29 E1663 STICKNEY, Anna [I1263]
    1768-11-02 E3173 TYLER, Isaac [I2321]
    1768-12-16 E1685 STICKNEY, William [I1274]
    1768-12-22 E2640 STICKNEY, Mary [I1980]
    1768-12-26 E1725 STICKNEY, Hannah [I1293]
    1769 E0751 STICKNEY, Lydia [I0434]
    about 1769 E4635 FURLONG, Ruth [I3524]
    1769-02-06 E2671 STICKNEY, John [I1994]
    1769-04-01 E3068 STICKNEY, Mary [I2264]
    1769-04-10 E0692 STICKNEY, Abigail [I0403]
    1769-04-22 E1643 VIRGIN, William [I1247]
    1769-06-10 E0784 STICKNEY, Jonas [I0466]
    1769-07-18 E1599 STICKNEY, Thomas [I1212]
    1769-09-03 E1742 GOSS, Jeremiah [I1302]
    1769-10-07 E0650 KIMBALL, Susannah [I0369]
    1769-10-16 E3183 CARLTON, Mehitable [I2332]
    1769-10-28 E3310 STICKNEY, Eunice [I2418]
    1769-11-17 E2534 STICKNEY, Jane [I1913]
    1769-12-08 E3198 STICKNEY, Rebecca [I2342]
    about 1770 E4404 YOUNG, Jeremiah [I3319]
    1770-02-01 E3044 STICKNEY, Susanna [I2257]
    1770-02-08 E2975 STICKNEY, Jacob [I2194]
    1770-02-17 E3174 TYLER, Jacob [I2322]
    1770-03-00 E3132 STICKNEY, Anna [I2294]
    1770-03-06 E1689 STICKNEY, Abigail [I1275]
    1770-03-15 E3549 STICKNEY, Susannah [I2593]
    1770-03-20 E0611 STICKNEY, Thomas [I0342]
    1770-04-05 E0718 STICKNEY, Abial [I0414]
    1770-04-12 E0695 STICKNEY, Samuel Belknap [I0404]
    1770-04-12 E4118 PEABODY, Nathan [I3028]
    1770-04-13 E3220 PEABODY, Relief [I2357]
    1770-04-15 E3614 ROGERS, John [I2641]
    1770-06-06 E1746 ABBOT, Anna [I1308]
    1770-07-03 E3342 STICKNEY, Sally [I2433]
    1770-07-09 E1607 CHASE, Charles [I1221]
    1770-07-11 E5055 BLOOD, Hannah [I4080]
    1770-07-18 E3979 BROWN, Abigail [I2915]
    1770-07-26 E1664 STICKNEY, Joshua [I1264]
    1770-07-29 E3089 STICKNEY, Spofford [I2270]
    1770-08-06 E0745 WOODMAN, Mary [I0429]
    1770-08-31 E1622 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I1231]
    1770-10-15 E3111 STICKNEY, Rhoda [I2281]
    1770-11-14 E2964 HILTON, Rebecca [I2189]
    1770-11-19 E1727 STICKNEY, David [I1294]
    1771 E0777 STICKNEY, Solomon [I0460]
    1771 E0804 HIXON, Susanna [I0474]
    1771-01-04 E2767 STICKNEY, Marcy [I2060]
    1771-01-18 E3844 HOWE, Joseph [I2818]
    1771-02-21 E1644 VIRGIN, Abial [I1248]
    1771-03-13 E4092 WARREN, Jonas [I3010]
    1771-03-20 E3567 STICKNEY, Apphia [I2604]
    1771-04-11 E0849 STICKNEY, Betsey [I0528]
    1771-04-13 E3369 STICKNEY, William [I2454]
    1771-04-21 E0671 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I0388]
    1771-05-04 E2643 STICKNEY, Richard [I1981]
    1771-06-07 E5323 PEABODY, Francis [I4356]
    1771-06-21 E2650 STICKNEY, Amos [I1985]
    1771-06-27 E3048 STICKNEY, Samuel [I2258]
    1771-07-10 E3175 TYLER, Elizabeth [I2323]
    1771-08-01 E0731 STICKNEY, Hannah [I0421]
    1771-08-16 E3185 CARLTON, Rebecca [I2333]
    1771-08-27 E0753 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I0435]
    1771-09-03 E3615 ROGERS, Jacob [I2642]
    1771-10-06 E3356 SANDERS, Humphrey [I2443]
    1771-11-06 E3200 STICKNEY, Samuel [I2343]
    1771-11-16 E1150 JEWETT, Abigail [I0815]
    1771-12-15 E0652 KIMBALL, Betsey [I0370]
    1772 E0805 HIXON, Mary [I0475]
    about 1772 E3645 ATWOOD, Patty [I2658]
    about 1772 E6263 STARK, Mary [I5459]
    1772-01-12 E2674 STICKNEY, Joseph [I1995]
    1772-02-04 E0614 STICKNEY, William [I0343]
    1772-02-29 E3569 STICKNEY, John March [I2605]
    1772-03-19 E0761 HEAD, Hannah [I0441]
    1772-03-21 E3408 JOHNSTON, Thomas [I2488]
    1772-04-04 E1666 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I1265]
    1772-04-05 E3870 PIKE, Sarah [I2838]
    1772-04-10 E3134 STICKNEY, Jane [I2295]
    1772-04-16 E3072 STICKNEY, Thomas [I2265]
    1772-04-23 E0787 STICKNEY, John [I0467]
    1772-05-31 E1692 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1276]
    1772-06-05 E0698 STICKNEY, Abraham [I0405]
    1772-06-18 E1730 STICKNEY, Ann [I1295]
    1772-07-04 E3221 PEABODY, Lettia [I2358]
    1772-09-21 E3487 POOR, Anna [I2545]
    1772-09-24 E1805 ODLIN, Mary A [I1347]
    1772-11-04 E3176 TYLER, Job [I2324]
    1772-11-10 E1624 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1232]
    1772-12-05 E2536 STICKNEY, John [I1914]
    1772-12-22 E3051 STICKNEY, Isaac [I2259]
    1773 E0755 STICKNEY, Dan [I0436]
    1773 E0806 HIXON, Unity [I0476]
    about 1773 E4024 HOSMER, Anna [I2967]
    1773-01-09 E0903 PARKER, William [I0572]
    1773-01-15 E1645 VIRGIN, Betty [I1249]
    1773-01-23 E3114 STICKNEY, Eliphalet [I2282]
    1773-02-00 E4753 GOODHUE, John [I3767]
    1773-03-01 E3550 STICKNEY, Nancy [I2594]
    1773-04-01 E2769 STICKNEY, Benjamin Franklin [I2061]
    1773-04-13 E3370 STICKNEY, Betsey [I2455]
    1773-04-23 E3343 STICKNEY, Phebe [I2434]
    1773-05-09 E4461 LEIGHR, Elizabeth [I3361]
    1773-05-17 E1668 STICKNEY, Rhoda [I1266]
    1773-05-29 E2930 STICKNEY, Thomas [I2164]
    1773-07-14 E3151 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2304]
    1773-08-29 E0673 STICKNEY, Molly [I0389]
    1773-09-03 E3409 JOHNSTON, Mary [I2489]
    1773-11-01 E3186 CARLTON, Abigail [I2334]
    1773-11-07 E4746 STICKNEY, David [I3763]
    1773-11-09 E3202 STICKNEY, Josiah [I2344]
    1773-12-24 E3226 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2362]
    about 1774 E6185 MARSH, Nathaniel [I5393]
    1774-01-30 E4147 WALLIS, Edith [I3070]
    1774-02-04 E3616 ROGERS, Betty [I2643]
    1774-02-06 E0888 SMITH, Anna [I0562]
    1774-02-14 E0654 KIMBALL, Polly [I0371]
    1774-02-14 E2677 STICKNEY, William [I1996]
    1774-03-05 E0616 STICKNEY, Anne [I0344]
    1774-05-03 E1694 STICKNEY, Anna [I1277]
    1774-05-11 E3076 STICKNEY, Dudley [I2266]
    1774-05-15 E0700 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I0406]
    1774-05-20 E3880 DAVIS, Elizabeth [I2845]
    1774-07-28 E2703 STICKNEY, Jacob [I2016]
    1774-08-00 E3359 HOWARD, Betsey [I2447]
    1774-08-05 E3315 STICKNEY, David [I2420]
    1774-08-20 E0807 HIXON, Richard [I0477]
    1774-09-27 E3897 PIKE, Lois [I2853]
    1774-10-10 E3177 TYLER, William [I2325]
    1774-10-31 E3054 STICKNEY, Eunice [I2260]
    about 1775 E1432 WEBSTER, Alice [I1073]
    1775 E2690 STICKNEY, Sally [I2010]
    about 1775 E3136 STICKNEY, Oliver [I2296]
    1775-01-00 E3222 PEABODY, Rebecca [I2359]
    about 1775 E3501 CLARK, Robert [I2555]
    about 1775 E6635 PUFFER, Mercy [I5892]
    1775-01-19 E2970 HILTON, Samuel [I2191]
    1775-01-22 E3434 STICKNEY, John [I2500]
    1775-02-23 E1646 VIRGIN, Bethiah [I1250]
    1775-03-00 E4754 GOODHUE, David [I3768]
    1775-03-05 E3411 JOHNSTON, Sarah [I2490]
    1775-03-27 E2979 STICKNEY, David [I2197]
    1775-05-13 E3116 STICKNEY, Relief [I2283]
    1775-06-05 E1601 STICKNEY, James Osgood [I1213]
    1775-06-17 E1626 STICKNEY, Judith [I1233]
    1775-07-03 E1670 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I1267]
    1775-07-05 E3204 STICKNEY, Mary [I2345]
    1775-07-23 E0735 STICKNEY, Amos [I0423]
    1775-07-29 E1732 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I1296]
    1775-08-00 E0756 STICKNEY, Abiah [I0437]
    1775-08-18 E3188 CARLTON, Susannah [I2335]
    1775-08-24 E3571 STICKNEY, Thomas [I2606]
    1775-09-23 E3344 STICKNEY, Hitty [I2435]
    1775-09-28 E2706 STICKNEY, Gideon Woodwell [I2017]
    1775-10-08 E3153 STICKNEY, Rebecca [I2305]
    1775-10-16 E3372 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I2456]
    1775-10-25 E3392 HASKELL, Aaron Stickney [I2481]
    1775-11-12 E2653 STICKNEY, Lydia [I1986]
    1775-12-05 E6444 MOODY, Silas [I5664]
    1775-12-11 E1320 DART, Mehitable [I0955]
    about 1776 E0813 STICKNEY, Betsey [I0487]
    1776 E1510 HUMPHREY, Eunice [I1142]
    about 1776 E1787 AMES, Mary [I1336]
    1776 E2679 STICKNEY, Moses [I1997]
    about 1776 E2777 INGALLS, Hannah [I2069]
    about 1776 E4967 LUNT, Mary [I3991]
    1776-01-25 E3361 HOWARD, Sally [I2448]
    1776-02-07 E3357 SANDERS, Samuel [I2444]
    1776-02-23 E0702 STICKNEY, William [I0407]
    1776-02-25 E1939 GIBSON, Sarah [I1467]
    1776-04-10 E6199 PIKE, Betsey [I5401]
    1776-04-15 E3178 TYLER, Joseph Stickney [I2326]
    1776-05-14 E2830 LITTLE, Elizabeth [I2099]
    1776-07-12 E3058 STICKNEY, Moses [I2261]
    1776-07-30 E1696 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1278]
    1776-08-06 E0720 STICKNEY, Timothy [I0415]
    1776-08-26 E2771 STICKNEY, Dorcas [I2062]
    1776-08-28 E0879 FOSTER, Mehetable [I0557]
    1776-09-04 E3318 STICKNEY, Dorothy [I2421]
    1776-09-16 E3662 THORNDIKE, Betsey [I2670]
    1776-09-27 E0618 STICKNEY, Rebecca [I0345]
    1776-11-05 E2315 STICKNEY, Moses [I1792]
    about 1777 E0685 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I0398]
    about 1777 E1199 BRACELY, Margaret [I0862]
    1777 E3238 STICKNEY, Cynthea [I2372]
    1777-01-00 E4755 GOODHUE, Joseph [I3769]
    about 1777 E4948 COOK, Martha [I3970]
    1777-01-02 E4748 STICKNEY, Andrew [I3764]
    1777-01-19 E3552 STICKNEY, Dutee [I2595]
    1777-02-11 E3205 STICKNEY, Moses [I2346]
    1777-03-08 E0814 STICKNEY, John [I0488]
    1777-03-08 E0816 STICKNEY, Rachel [I0489]
    1777-04-06 E1647 VIRGIN, Miriam [I1251]
    1777-04-17 E3189 CARLTON, Hannah [I2336]
    1777-05-16 E3345 STICKNEY, Samuel [I2436]
    1777-06-01 E1263 CHASE, Wealthy [I0920]
    1777-06-14 E1627 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1234]
    1777-06-15 E1672 STICKNEY, Rhoda [I1268]
    1777-07-10 E3413 JOHNSTON, John [I2491]
    1777-08-01 E3437 STICKNEY, Thomas [I2501]
    1777-08-14 E1863 OSGOOD, Abigail [I1396]
    1777-09-00 E3374 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2457]
    1777-09-12 E3380 BRIDGES, John Holland [I2460]
    1777-09-22 E0857 CROSS, Sally [I0535]
    1777-09-26 E4168 WEBBER, William [I3083]
    1777-10-10 E0779 STICKNEY, Jonas [I0462]
    1777-10-21 E2980 STICKNEY, Mehitable [I2198]
    1777-11-17 E3155 STICKNEY, Asa Tyler [I2306]
    1777-11-21 E0675 STICKNEY, James [I0390]
    1777-11-23 E2709 STICKNEY, John [I2018]
    1777-11-24 E3611 TENNEY, Moses [I2637]
    1777-11-27 E4539 BARKER, Mary [I3423]
    1777-12-01 E3617 ROGERS, William [I2644]
    1777-12-25 E3670 LOCKE, Sarah [I2674]
    1777-12-31 E0808 HIXON, Lemuel [I0478]
    about 1778 E0872 TENNY, Sarah [I0548]
    about 1778 E1226 SHULTZ, Mary [I0886]
    1778 E2692 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I2011]
    about 1778 E3601 CHENEY, Betsey [I2630]
    1778-02-03 E2656 STICKNEY, Moses [I1987]
    1778-03-16 E3092 STICKNEY, Judith [I2271]
    1778-03-25 E3419 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2495]
    1778-03-31 E3228 STICKNEY, Isaac [I2363]
    1778-04-07 E3179 TYLER, Parker [I2327]
    1778-05-31 E3207 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2347]
    1778-06-13 E3362 HOWARD, Nehemiah [I2449]
    1778-06-29 E3080 STICKNEY, Solomon [I2267]
    1778-07-04 E6259 JONES, David Wheeler [I5457]
    1778-07-20 E3062 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2262]
    1778-07-23 E3909 STICKNEY, Moses [I2870]
    1778-08-20 E0705 STICKNEY, Eliphalet [I0408]
    1778-08-28 E0817 STICKNEY, John [I0490]
    1778-08-30 E1699 STICKNEY, John [I1279]
    1778-09-09 E3240 STICKNEY, Eliphalet [I2373]
    1778-09-30 E3461 HOAG, Sarah [I2520]
    1778-10-19 E5996 MANSFIELD, Asa [I5151]
    1778-11-00 E4756 GOODHUE, Nancy [I3770]
    1778-11-11 E0621 STICKNEY, Joseph Mullicken [I0346]
    1778-11-16 E3259 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2389]
    about 1779 E4412 LeBRETON, Elizabeth [I3324]
    about 1779 E5151 WELLS, William [I4175]
    1779-01-10 E1674 STICKNEY, Rhoda [I1269]
    1779-01-16 E3440 STICKNEY, Mary [I2502]
    1779-02-05 E0906 CARLTON, Dorothy [I0574]
    1779-02-28 E3347 STICKNEY, William [I2437]
    1779-04-08 E3590 STICKNEY, Child [I2624]
    1779-04-09 E4419 ALLEN, Ephraim Williams [I3329]
    1779-04-19 E1288 KITTREDGE, Sarah [I0933]
    1779-05-23 E1648 VIRGIN, Molly [I1252]
    1779-06-10 E1628 STICKNEY, Abiel [I1235]
    1779-07-03 E0789 STICKNEY, Chester [I0468]
    1779-07-16 E3414 JOHNSTON, Sarah [I2492]
    1779-07-17 E3065 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I2263]
    1779-08-05 E0830 STICKNEY, Siles [I0503]
    1779-10-10 E1128 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I0796]
    1779-10-27 E0758 STICKNEY, Mary [I0438]
    1779-11-15 E0820 STICKNEY, John [I0491]
    1779-12-20 E3422 STICKNEY, Ann [I2496]
    about 1780 E1901 PECK, Mary [I1436]
    about 1780 E3463 HOAG, Abraham [I2523]
    1780-01-17 E0853 STICKNEY, Ebenezer [I0530]
    1780-02-15 E0737 STICKNEY, William [I0424]
    1780-03-01 E3394 STICKNEY, Amos [I2483]
    1780-03-04 E3592 STICKNEY, Son [I2625]
    1780-03-06 E3164 EMERY, Abby [I2313]
    1780-05-02 E3861 CHAPLIN, Jeremiah [I2831]
    1780-07-20 E3261 STICKNEY, Ebenezer [I2390]
    1780-08-23 E3612 TENNEY, Paul [I2638]
    1780-08-31 E2711 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2019]
    1780-10-01 E3627 STICKNEY, William [I2650]
    1780-11-10 E4889 WARD, Mary [I3927]
    1780-12-04 E4776 STICKNEY, Eunice [I3790]
    1780-12-18 E3443 STICKNEY, Joseph Blodget [I2503]
    1780-12-27 E1703 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I1280]
    about 1781 E4786 BROOKS, Nancy [I3799]
    about 1781 E8016 ALLYN, Prentice [I7589]
    1781-01-10 E6711 ELDRIDGE, William [I5965]
    1781-01-11 E3424 STICKNEY, Charlotte [I2497]
    1781-01-15 E0623 STICKNEY, Mehitable [I0347]
    1781-01-29 E3911 STICKNEY, Mary B [I2871]
    1781-02-00 E3190 CARLTON, Phineas [I2337]
    1781-02-00 E3191 CARLTON, Bethiah [I2338]
    1781-02-00 E4757 GOODHUE, William [I3771]
    1781-02-04 E3349 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I2438]
    1781-02-16 E0748 WOODMAN, Richard [I0432]
    1781-03-02 E4083 BURPEE, Hepsibah [I3003]
    1781-03-15 E2982 STICKNEY, Stephen [I2199]
    1781-04-09 E1675 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I1270]
    1781-04-16 E1630 STICKNEY, William [I1236]
    1781-05-18 E3230 STICKNEY, Rebecca [I2364]
    1781-06-12 E3397 STICKNEY, William [I2484]
    1781-07-16 E1130 STICKNEY, Isaac [I0797]
    1781-07-17 E3574 STICKNEY, Josiah [I2614]
    1781-08-13 E1207 DAVIDSON, Sarah [I0875]
    1781-09-02 E3415 JOHNSTON, Ann [I2493]
    1781-09-20 E2773 STICKNEY, Ruth [I2063]
    1781-10-20 E3619 ROGERS, William [I2645]
    1781-11-11 E1650 VIRGIN, Simeon [I1253]
    1781-11-24 E3473 DODGE, William Stickney [I2535]
    1781-11-25 E3594 STICKNEY, Eunice [I2626]
    1781-12-03 E3082 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2268]
    1781-12-16 E2775 HALE, Betsey [I2065]
    1781-12-18 E3956 GOODALE, Elijah [I2900]
    1781-12-19 E2137 HALL, Mary [I1672]
    1782 E2694 STICKNEY, Mary [I2012]
    1782-01-05 E4292 DERBYSHIRE, Christopher [I3202]
    1782-02-00 E1451 HALL, Elizabeth [I1086]
    1782-04-23 E3208 STICKNEY, Judith [I2348]
    1782-04-29 E0822 STICKNEY, Mary Farnum [I0492]
    1782-04-30 E4586 HALE, Susannah [I3468]
    1782-05-00 E4779 STICKNEY, Eunice [I3791]
    1782-05-29 E3263 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2391]
    1782-06-10 E3925 STICKNEY, Moses [I2883]
    1782-07-14 E0708 STICKNEY, Marcus [I0409]
    1782-07-18 E2762 LITTLE, Hannah [I2057]
    1782-07-21 E3447 STICKNEY, Henry [I2504]
    1782-09-27 E3726 STICKNEY, David [I2720]
    1782-10-12 E1706 STICKNEY, Isaac [I1281]
    1782-11-04 E2811 EVANS, David [I2085]
    1782-12-25 E3280 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2401]
    1783-02-04 E4781 STICKNEY, Eunice [I3792]
    1783-02-08 E3688 HOWE, Abigail [I2685]
    1783-02-13 E4484 STICKNEY, Sibel [I3379]
    1783-02-24 E1754 STICKNEY, Susanna [I1319]
    1783-03-02 E3927 STICKNEY, Hale [I2884]
    1783-04-17 E2776 HALE, Edmund [I2066]
    1783-04-18 E0824 STICKNEY, Thomas [I0493]
    1783-04-19 E0625 STICKNEY, Catherine [I0348]
    1783-04-21 E0678 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I0391]
    1783-06-06 E3468 STICKNEY, Polly [I2531]
    1783-06-16 E3231 STICKNEY, Polly [I2365]
    1783-06-22 E1678 STICKNEY, William [I1271]
    1783-07-07 E3210 STICKNEY, Sally [I2349]
    1783-07-29 E8820 BURPEE, Jonathan [I9199]
    1783-08-06 E3474 DODGE, Samuel [I2536]
    1783-08-13 E3244 STICKNEY, Heman [I2376]
    1783-09-00 E3719 STICKNEY, John [I2714]
    1783-09-02 E3913 STICKNEY, Susan M [I2872]
    1783-09-03 E1525 CRANSKEY, Miriam [I1155]
    1783-10-25 E3264 STICKNEY, Ruth [I2392]
    1783-11-06 E3595 STICKNEY, Betsey [I2627]
    1783-12-20 E3576 STICKNEY, Nathaniel [I2615]
    1784 E3634 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I2652]
    about 1784 E4938 ROGERS, Abigail [I3962]
    about 1784 E5946 BRADLEY, Mary G [I5105]
    1784-01-18 E1651 VIRGIN, Hannah [I1254]
    1784-02-05 E2983 STICKNEY, Dorothy [I2200]
    1784-02-05 E3281 STICKNEY, Lucy [I2402]
    1784-03-04 E1819 STICKNEY, Johnathan [I1363]
    1784-04-08 E3799 KIMBALL, Nathaniel [I2790]
    1784-04-22 E0832 STICKNEY, Martin [I0504]
    1784-05-01 E3613 TENNEY, Hannah [I2639]
    1784-06-25 E4381 STICKNEY, William [I3307]
    1784-07-16 E1631 STICKNEY, Mary [I1237]
    1784-07-25 E3449 STICKNEY, Eliza [I2505]
    1784-07-28 E3459 STICKNEY, John [I2516]
    1784-07-28 E4782 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I3793]
    1784-09-04 E5086 CHAPLIN, Martha [I4123]
    1784-09-12 E1985 THATCHER, Celia [I1492]
    1784-09-17 E2812 EVANS, Henry [I2086]
    1784-09-21 E2757 HIDDEN, David [I2047]
    1784-09-23 E1709 STICKNEY, Polly [I1282]
    1784-12-04 E3690 HOWE, Timothy [I2686]
    1784-12-08 E0826 STICKNEY, Charles [I0494]
    1784-12-27 E4071 STICKNEY, Fanny [I2996]
    about 1785 E5404 BODWELL, Lydia [I4512]
    about 1785 E5944 NOYES, Nancy W [I5104]
    about 1785 E6463 FOSS, Lucy [I5679]
    1785-01-10 E3578 STICKNEY, Moses [I2616]
    1785-02-06 E3958 STICKNEY, Eusebius [I2903]
    1785-02-09 E4304 KING, Jacob [I3211]
    1785-02-10 E1756 STICKNEY, William [I1320]
    1785-03-01 E3597 STICKNEY, John [I2628]
    1785-03-14 E2169 BOWERS, Ann [I1696]
    1785-03-15 E4485 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I3381]
    1785-04-02 E0791 STICKNEY, Caleb Howard [I0469]
    1785-05-00 E3722 STICKNEY, Nicholas [I2715]
    1785-05-02 E1133 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0799]
    1785-05-03 E8214 KELLOGG, Ebenezer W [I8207]
    1785-05-17 E3929 STICKNEY, Charles [I2885]
    1785-06-23 E1821 STICKNEY, Susan [I1364]
    1785-06-30 E0855 STICKNEY, John [I0531]
    1785-07-00 E3376 STICKNEY, Amos [I2458]
    1785-08-05 E3400 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I2485]
    1785-08-20 E0760 STICKNEY, Asa [I0439]
    1785-09-13 E4094 WARREN, Lydia [I3011]
    1785-09-28 E1680 STICKNEY, Rispah [I1272]
    1785-11-04 E2987 STICKNEY, Lydia [I2207]
    1785-11-21 E3800 KIMBALL, Sally [I2791]
    1785-12-00 E4758 GOODHUE, Thomas [I3772]
    1785-12-14 E3957 GOODALE, Amasa [I2901]
    about 1786 E0910 PARSONS, Olive [I0576]
    1786 E2696 STICKNEY, Judith [I2013]
    about 1786 E4319 GRAGG, Phebe [I3222]
    about 1786 E4963 DOW, Sally [I3986]
    1786-01-03 E1791 SOUTHER, Thomas Stickney [I1338]
    1786-01-30 E3451 STICKNEY, Charles [I2506]
    1786-02-05 E4348 GOODRIDGE, Sarah [I3270]
    1786-02-19 E4383 STICKNEY, Mary Thurston [I3308]
    1786-02-23 E2713 STICKNEY, Caleb [I2020]
    1786-02-24 E3282 STICKNEY, Affia [I2403]
    1786-05-03 E3211 STICKNEY, Ebenezer [I2350]
    1786-06-09 E3637 STICKNEY, Samuel [I2653]
    1786-06-15 E7281 BETTERBEY, Sally [I6656]
    1786-06-22 E3621 ROGERS, Aaron [I2646]
    1786-07-01 E4072 STICKNEY, Peggy [I2997]
    1786-07-22 E8816 BURPEE, David [I9196]
    1786-07-31 E1716 FOSTER, William [I1287]
    1786-08-13 E2814 EVANS, Margaret Muzzey [I2087]
    1786-10-23 E3889 PATTERSON, Anna [I2848]
    1786-11-19 E3692 HOWE, John [I2687]
    1786-11-25 E3011 PARKER, Pamelia [I2230]
    1786-11-29 E3960 STICKNEY, Albin [I2904]
    1786-12-01 E1711 STICKNEY, Silence [I1283]
    about 1787 E4984 GOLDTHWAIT, Priscilla [I4002]
    1787-02-01 E2170 BOWERS, Jonathan Stickney [I1697]
    1787-02-09 E3580 STICKNEY, Mary [I2617]
    1787-02-25 E3247 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I2378]
    1787-03-31 E3644 STICKNEY, Samuel [I2657]
    1787-04-01 E0794 STICKNEY, Caleb Howard [I0470]
    1787-04-05 E0834 STICKNEY, Susanna [I0505]
    1787-04-19 E3931 STICKNEY, Josiah [I2886]
    1787-04-28 E3232 STICKNEY, Lucy N [I2366]
    1787-05-04 E1136 STICKNEY, Abraham [I0800]
    1787-07-29 E4095 WARREN, Jonas Warren [I3012]
    1787-08-15 E1840 STICKNEY, Betsey [I1375]
    1787-09-01 E6533 TENNEY, Samuel [I5778]
    1787-09-12 E4385 STICKNEY, Elizabeth Carr [I3309]
    1787-09-17 E1793 SOUTHER, Samuel [I1339]
    1787-09-25 E2989 STICKNEY, Reuben [I2208]
    1787-09-25 E3599 STICKNEY, Paul [I2629]
    1787-09-26 E1759 STICKNEY, Nathan [I1321]
    1787-10-03 E1919 DRURY, Lucy [I1454]
    1787-10-14 E4434 STICKNEY, William [I3340]
    1787-10-21 E4283 STEPHENS, Paulina [I3181]
    1787-11-02 E3801 KIMBALL, Daniel [I2792]
    1787-12-20 E3914 STICKNEY, Jonas [I2873]
    1788 E4259 CARTER, Malinda [I3159]
    about 1788 E4327 GLOVER, Benjamin [I3234]
    about 1788 E6298 AMES, Nathaniel [I5493]
    about 1788 E6311 BYRAM, Benjamin [I5504]
    1788-01-17 E1823 STICKNEY, Sally W [I1365]
    1788-01-22 E3213 STICKNEY, Amos [I2351]
    1788-02-09 E2816 EVANS, Richard Stickney [I2088]
    1788-02-23 E4451 STICKNEY, Moses [I3348]
    1788-03-12 E3403 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I2486]
    1788-03-21 E3453 STICKNEY, Harriet [I2507]
    1788-03-25 E1717 FOSTER, Lydia [I1288]
    1788-04-08 E3285 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2404]
    1788-06-04 E1633 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I1239]
    1788-06-12 E2801 STICKNEY, William [I2080]
    1788-06-22 E5989 EASTMAN, Patty [I5146]
    1788-08-10 E1854 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1386]
    1788-09-15 E4074 STICKNEY, John Sawyer [I2998]
    1788-09-30 E3693 HOWE, Sally [I2688]
    1788-10-19 E3933 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2887]
    1788-11-15 E1469 GAGE, Alice [I1106]
    1788-11-23 E3813 STICKNEY, David J [I2801]
    1788-12-15 E3727 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2721]
    1788-12-16 E2743 STICKNEY, Judith [I2040]
    1788-12-19 E3582 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I2618]
    1789 E3386 BRIDGES, Thomas [I2465]
    about 1789 E6283 JEFFRY, Rebecca [I5484]
    1789-01-06 E3248 STICKNEY, Emily Theresa [I2379]
    1789-01-14 E6240 SHAW, Joseph Stickney [I5434]
    about 1789-02-00 E5941 CURRIER, Martha L [I5102]
    1789-02-22 E4487 STICKNEY, Lois [I3382]
    1789-02-23 E3981 STICKNEY, Abijah [I2916]
    1789-03-02 E3269 STICKNEY, Perley Putnam [I2395]
    1789-03-15 E4387 STICKNEY, Rebecca Chipman [I3310]
    1789-03-30 E6178 NORTON, Thomas [I5376]
    1789-04-09 E3622 ROGERS, Mary [I2647]
    1789-04-13 E2171 BOWERS, Wilder Stickney [I1698]
    1789-04-16 E4759 GOODHUE, James Stickney [I3773]
    1789-05-01 E4436 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I3341]
    1789-05-03 E0838 STICKNEY, Amos [I0512]
    1789-06-30 E4096 WARREN, Betty Stickney [I3013]
    1789-07-21 E7294 BURBANK, Caleb [I6666]
    1789-09-06 E2818 EVANS, Margaret Muzzey [I2089]
    1789-09-15 E1842 STICKNEY, David [I1376]
    1789-10-22 E2782 STICKNEY, Richard [I2071]
    1789-11-04 E2860 STICKNEY, Charles [I2124]
    1789-11-06 E1718 FOSTER, Ezra [I1289]
    1789-12-20 E2716 STICKNEY, Enoch [I2021]
    1790 E2698 STICKNEY, Nancy [I2014]
    about 1790 E5125 KNIGHT, Susannah [I4157]
    1790-01-04 E1762 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I1322]
    1790-02-20 E3962 STICKNEY, Norman [I2905]
    1790-03-11 E6442 ADAMS, Thomas [I5662]
    1790-03-23 E1635 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1240]
    1790-04-08 E3234 STICKNEY, Lemuel [I2367]
    1790-04-11 E6692 PIERCE, Betsey [I5944]
    1790-04-22 E3674 STICKNEY, Nancy M [I2676]
    1790-05-17 E3585 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I2619]
    1790-06-01 E4034 STICKNEY, William [I2973]
    1790-06-06 E3815 STICKNEY, Sally [I2802]
    1790-06-24 E4518 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I3409]
    1790-07-15 E0860 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I0542]
    1790-08-05 E4452 STICKNEY, Mary [I3349]
    1790-08-10 E3286 STICKNEY, Rhoda [I2405]
    1790-08-10 E3455 STICKNEY, Nancy [I2508]
    1790-08-26 E1855 STICKNEY, Elizabeth A [I1387]
    1790-09-01 E3916 STICKNEY, Theophilus [I2874]
    1790-09-18 E7577 REED, Henry Ludovicus [I6988]
    1790-09-23 E3802 KIMBALL, Clarissa B [I2793]
    1790-10-22 E3695 HOWE, Betsey [I2689]
    1790-11-16 E5110 FOWLER, Harriet [I4148]
    1790-12-14 E1498 MOODY, Lorinda [I1133]
    1791-01-18 E2785 STICKNEY, Theodore [I2072]
    1791-02-15 E4388 STICKNEY, Judith [I3311]
    1791-02-19 E1794 SOUTHER, Anna [I1340]
    1791-02-20 E3982 STICKNEY, David [I2917]
    1791-02-21 E2849 STICKNEY, David [I2117]
    1791-02-23 E0840 STICKNEY, Sylvanus [I0513]
    1791-03-10 E3002 STICKNEY, Daniel [I2220]
    1791-03-11 E2000 FARMER, Jared [I1508]
    1791-03-16 E0835 STICKNEY, Lydia [I0506]
    1791-03-17 E4492 RYERSON, George [I3389]
    1791-03-20 E5196 HOUGH, John [I4216]
    1791-04-14 E4076 STICKNEY, Betsey [I2999]
    1791-04-28 E4189 HOYT, Elizabeth [I3097]
    1791-05-10 E2008 LEE, Susan [I1513]
    1791-05-10 E3623 ROGERS, Sarah [I2648]
    1791-06-00 E4760 GOODHUE, Hannah [I3774]
    1791-06-04 E2745 STICKNEY, Jane [I2041]
    1791-06-22 E1824 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1366]
    1791-07-03 E4098 WARREN, Aaron Wood [I3014]
    1791-07-10 E3937 STICKNEY, Betsey L [I2889]
    1791-08-13 E6931 COVERLY, Nicholas [I6193]
    1791-09-01 E2173 BOWERS, Josiah [I1699]
    1791-09-02 E1857 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1389]
    1791-09-02 E1858 STICKNEY, Peter [I1390]
    1791-09-06 E0862 STICKNEY, Leonard [I0543]
    1791-09-21 E3271 STICKNEY, Susannah [I2396]
    1791-09-24 E1636 STICKNEY, Hannah [I1241]
    1791-10-11 E6366 PHILBROOK, Susan [I5573]
    1791-10-23 E5429 HOLT, Hannah [I4545]
    1791-11-02 E2863 STICKNEY, John [I2125]
    1791-11-17 E4134 STICKNEY, Hannah [I3062]
    1792-01-08 E4438 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I3342]
    1792-01-09 E4037 STICKNEY, Thomas [I2974]
    1792-01-30 E1577 STEBBINS, Experience [I1192]
    1792-04-11 E3676 STICKNEY, Daniel [I2677]
    1792-04-12 E3272 STICKNEY, Nancy [I2397]
    1792-04-15 E2856 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I2122]
    1792-05-30 E0975 SAVARY, Judith [I0639]
    1792-05-30 E2820 EVANS, Lydia Eleanor [I2090]
    1792-06-05 E1764 STICKNEY, Harriet [I1323]
    1792-07-01 E3236 STICKNEY, Lucy [I2368]
    1792-07-06 E4519 STICKNEY, Betsey [I3410]
    1792-07-09 E4187 PICKETT, Hannah [I3094]
    1792-07-30 E1924 NOWELL, Margaret [I1457]
    1792-08-16 E3587 STICKNEY, Nathaniel [I2620]
    1792-08-23 E3803 KIMBALL, Thomas [I2794]
    1792-08-24 E3287 STICKNEY, Polly [I2406]
    1792-09-09 E3939 STICKNEY, Laura [I2890]
    1792-09-22 E3696 HOWE, David [I2690]
    1792-10-22 E3250 STICKNEY, Amos [I2380]
    1792-10-27 E2803 STICKNEY, Judith [I2081]
    1792-11-02 E3817 STICKNEY, Rebecca [I2803]
    1792-11-07 E8215 CLEVELAND, Mary [I8208]
    1792-11-08 E4522 BURPEE, Mary [I3412]
    1792-11-11 E1499 MOODY, Eliphaz [I1134]
    1792-11-13 E3919 STICKNEY, Barzillah [I2875]
    1792-12-06 E3477 STICKNEY, William [I2538]
    about 1793 E4226 DODGE, Mary [I3133]
    1793-01-00 E4761 GOODHUE, Mary [I3775]
    about 1793 E5435 RICKER, Eliza [I4549]
    about 1793 E6374 DOW, Lois [I5578]
    1793-03-09 E1138 STICKNEY, William [I0801]
    1793-04-01 E2991 STICKNEY, Ruth P [I2209]
    1793-04-13 E2747 STICKNEY, Mary [I2042]
    1793-06-06 E4104 PEABODY, Oliver [I3017]
    1793-06-14 E1826 STICKNEY, Mary [I1367]
    1793-06-20 E1795 SOUTHER, John [I1341]
    1793-06-22 E0841 STICKNEY, William [I0514]
    1793-06-27 E3831 STICKNEY, Paul [I2810]
    1793-06-27 E3984 STICKNEY, Polly [I2918]
    1793-07-30 E3839 SANDERS, Amos [I2814]
    1793-08-13 E0864 STICKNEY, Daniel [I0544]
    1793-08-13 E2012 SEARLE, Elizabeth [I1515]
    1793-08-20 E5272 HUBBELL, Jerusha [I4301]
    1793-09-01 E3470 STICKNEY, Jotham [I2532]
    1793-09-01 E4975 SKINNER, Sarah H [I3996]
    1793-09-03 E3965 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2907]
    1793-09-04 E1807 STICKNEY, Charlotte [I1348]
    1793-09-16 E4638 STICKNEY, Henry Furlong [I3525]
    1793-09-20 E4018 WOOD, Relief [I2960]
    1793-10-14 E4580 PEIRCE, Sarah [I3465]
    1793-10-21 E3677 STICKNEY, James [I2678]
    1793-11-10 E3846 HOWE, John [I2819]
    1793-12-31 E2866 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2126]
    1793-12-31 E4040 STICKNEY, Charles [I2975]
    about 1794 E0766 WHEELER, Lydia [I0451]
    about 1794 E3752 HOBSON, Rachel [I2743]
    about 1794 E6709 MOSES, Orrin [I5961]
    about 1794 E7572 HUBBARD, John W [I6984]
    1794-01-10 E3252 STICKNEY, Truman [I2381]
    1794-01-10 E3940 STICKNEY, Abigail H [I2891]
    1794-01-27 E6443 ADAMS, James [I5663]
    1794-01-30 E3274 STICKNEY, Clara [I2398]
    1794-02-09 E4100 WARREN, Apphia Stickney [I3015]
    1794-02-18 E1140 STICKNEY, Joseph [I0802]
    1794-02-20 E1816 CHASE, Carlton [I1359]
    1794-03-05 E1844 STICKNEY, Sila [I1377]
    1794-03-09 E1266 STICKNEY, Samuel [I0921]
    1794-03-11 E2787 STICKNEY, Mary [I2073]
    1794-03-14 E1486 STICKNEY, Avis [I1126]
    1794-05-09 E5445 BARNARD, Hermon [I4556]
    1794-05-11 E2993 STICKNEY, James [I2210]
    1794-05-20 E4502 STICKNEY, Lydia Lockwood [I3398]
    1794-05-23 E3489 STICKNEY, Charles [I2546]
    1794-06-05 E1965 BAIRD, Abijah [I1479]
    1794-07-24 E3647 STICKNEY, Martha Atwood [I2659]
    1794-09-01 E4105 PEABODY, Richard [I3018]
    1794-09-10 E3478 STICKNEY, Abigail [I2539]
    1794-09-13 E3697 HOWE, Jonathan [I2691]
    1794-09-15 E3735 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2729]
    1794-09-21 E2174 BOWERS, Joseph Thompson [I1700]
    1794-09-22 E1501 MOODY, Avis [I1135]
    1794-09-25 E3804 KIMBALL, Betsey [I2795]
    1794-10-01 E4389 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I3312]
    1794-10-21 E3705 STICKNEY, Jacob Clark [I2701]
    1794-10-27 E5027 CROSS, Sarah Dean [I4042]
    1794-12-10 E4523 BURPEE, Isaac [I3413]
    1794-12-16 E4019 WOOD, Jeremiah P [I2961]
    1795 E4250 MILLER, Elmira [I3153]
    1795-01-11 E3288 STICKNEY, Asa [I2407]
    1795-01-17 E3833 STICKNEY, Amos [I2811]
    1795-01-29 E3941 STICKNEY, Asa L [I2892]
    1795-02-19 E3588 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2621]
    1795-02-22 E1809 STICKNEY, Woodbridge Odlin [I1349]
    1795-02-24 E4162 GRAY, James [I3078]
    1795-03-03 E3966 STICKNEY, Mary [I2908]
    1795-04-01 E3770 VINTON, Jacob [I2758]
    1795-04-05 E3920 STICKNEY, Lois Louisa Hastings [I2876]
    1795-05-10 E3840 SANDERS, Betsey [I2815]
    1795-05-22 E1828 STICKNEY, Abigail [I1368]
    1795-05-28 E6548 SOULE, Alathea [I5792]
    1795-05-30 E6741 MOON, Clarissa [I5992]
    1795-06-14 E4149 STICKNEY, Samuel [I3071]
    1795-06-18 E2158 STICKNEY, Sally [I1686]
    1795-08-10 E0842 STICKNEY, Lydia [I0515]
    1795-08-24 E2821 EVANS, Richard Stickney [I2091]
    1795-09-10 E4440 STICKNEY, Ruth Wilson [I3343]
    1795-09-16 E4119 PEABODY, Webster [I3029]
    1795-10-04 E1797 SOUTHER, Elizabeth [I1342]
    1795-10-06 E3848 HOWE, Mehitabel [I2820]
    1795-10-25 E3819 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I2804]
    1795-11-20 E1942 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1468]
    1795-11-22 E2851 STICKNEY, Amos [I2118]
    1795-12-01 E3985 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I2919]
    1795-12-04 E4212 SMITH, Hannah [I3117]
    1795-12-14 E1967 BAIRD, Franklin [I1480]
    1795-12-14 E3679 STICKNEY, James [I2679]
    1795-12-29 E2867 STICKNEY, Mary [I2127]
    1796 E1859 STICKNEY, Robert [I1391]
    about 1796 E2134 DUCROW, John [I1662]
    about 1796 E5154 SMITH, Daniel [I4177]
    about 1796 E6903 HOPKINS, Norman R [I6159]
    about 1796 E6985 LEE, Eunice [I6256]
    1796-01-09 E2759 STICKNEY, Samuel [I2054]
    1796-01-20 E3859 JEWETT, Ebenezer [I2830]
    1796-02-01 E4503 STICKNEY, Hannah [I3399]
    1796-02-08 E4041 STICKNEY, Jane [I2976]
    1796-02-08 E4106 PEABODY, John [I3019]
    1796-02-16 E3706 STICKNEY, Sally [I2702]
    1796-02-17 E4020 WOOD, Jonathan [I2962]
    1796-02-21 E3736 STICKNEY, Polly [I2730]
    1796-03-12 E1766 STICKNEY, John [I1324]
    1796-03-25 E0866 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0545]
    1796-03-25 E1846 STICKNEY, Jane [I1378]
    1796-03-29 E7412 TURNER, Elizabeth [I6819]
    1796-04-12 E3648 STICKNEY, Polly [I2660]
    1796-04-20 E4641 STICKNEY, Mary Furlong [I3526]
    1796-04-20 E4969 MADDIX, Mary S [I3992]
    1796-04-23 E1268 STICKNEY, Hannah [I0922]
    1796-04-27 E1487 STICKNEY, Lemuel [I1127]
    1796-05-20 E1776 STICKNEY, John Odlin [I1329]
    1796-06-24 E3491 STICKNEY, John [I2547]
    1796-07-09 E5561 HUNTINGTON, Samuel [I4685]
    1796-07-18 E3698 HOWE, Duty S [I2692]
    1796-08-12 E4137 STICKNEY, Benjamin Raymond [I3064]
    1796-08-13 E1502 MOODY, Mary [I1136]
    1796-08-19 E3806 KIMBALL, Jesse [I2796]
    1796-08-27 E2805 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2082]
    1796-09-30 E1435 STICKNEY, Alice Currier [I1074]
    1796-09-30 E2175 BOWERS, Benjamin Franklin [I1701]
    1796-09-30 E3479 STICKNEY, Thomas [I2540]
    1796-09-30 E3703 CURRIER, Lucinda [I2698]
    1796-10-09 E1811 STICKNEY, Joseph Pearson [I1350]
    1796-10-12 E4305 LATTEN, Abby Betsey [I3212]
    1796-10-13 E4454 STICKNEY, Samuel [I3350]
    1796-10-13 E4457 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I3351]
    1796-10-20 E6230 STICKNEY, William P [I5427]
    1796-11-06 E7199 LAKE, Hermon [I6570]
    1796-11-09 E4151 STICKNEY, Nancy [I3072]
    1796-11-15 E2832 STICKNEY, Son [I2100]
    1796-12-08 E0904 PARKER, Leonard Stickney [I0573]
    1796-12-25 E2159 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I1687]
    1797 E3003 STICKNEY, James [I2221]
    1797 E4252 MILLER, James [I3154]
    about 1797 E4961 WHITE, Mehitable [I3984]
    1797-01-27 E4582 PEIRCE, Enoch [I3466]
    1797-02-20 E7209 COTTLE, Rhoda George [I6582]
    1797-02-26 E3276 STICKNEY, Eliphelet [I2399]
    1797-02-26 E3921 STICKNEY, Charlotte Hastings [I2877]
    1797-03-02 E3968 STICKNEY, Simon [I2909]
    1797-03-05 E1290 STICKNEY, Abial [I0934]
    1797-04-03 E6339 TUTTLE, Hannah [I5547]
    1797-04-05 E1831 STICKNEY, Jacob Evans [I1369]
    1797-04-16 E4524 BURPEE, Samuel [I3414]
    1797-04-20 E2880 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2134]
    1797-04-22 E1141 STICKNEY, Zephaniah [I0803]
    1797-05-03 E4121 PEABODY, Hannah [I3030]
    1797-05-07 E4079 STICKNEY, Nathan [I3001]
    1797-05-08 E5772 GROSS, Benjamin [I4895]
    1797-05-22 E1512 STICKNEY, Abigail [I1143]
    1797-05-27 E3900 STICKNEY, Ira [I2854]
    1797-05-31 E7185 PEARSON, Nancy [I6554]
    1797-06-19 E4442 STICKNEY, Susannah [I3344]
    1797-07-02 E3849 HOWE, Elizabeth [I2821]
    1797-07-04 E3821 STICKNEY, Samuel [I2805]
    1797-07-05 E3649 STICKNEY, Silas [I2661]
    1797-08-08 E3290 STICKNEY, Jesse [I2408]
    1797-08-16 E4163 GRAY, Mary [I3079]
    1797-09-05 E3472 STICKNEY, Greenleaf Kimball [I2533]
    1797-09-15 E2994 STICKNEY, Amos [I2211]
    1797-09-24 E4139 STICKNEY, John [I3065]
    1797-09-29 E6541 STRATTON, Pamelia Theresa Gilman [I5788]
    1797-09-30 E1799 SOUTHER, Elizabeth [I1343]
    1797-10-00 E4762 GOODHUE, Joseph [I3776]
    1797-10-06 E3738 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2731]
    1797-11-15 E2834 STICKNEY, Lydia Atkinson [I2101]
    1797-11-23 E1152 STICKNEY, Joseph [I0816]
    1797-11-24 E3664 STICKNEY, William [I2671]
    1797-11-28 E4042 STICKNEY, Asa [I2977]
    1797-12-00 E1778 STICKNEY, Charlotte [I1330]
    1797-12-11 E6201 STICKNEY, Sally [I5402]
    1797-12-19 E3681 STICKNEY, John [I2680]
    1797-12-25 E2870 STICKNEY, Stephen [I2128]
    1797-12-29 E6671 COOK, Electa [I5919]
    1798 E1461 BUTTRICK, Alpheus [I1092]
    1798-01-04 E4203 PIERCE, Phebe [I3110]
    1798-01-16 E4108 PEABODY, Rebecca [I3020]
    1798-01-18 E3943 STICKNEY, Paul [I2893]
    1798-02-01 E4505 STICKNEY, Mary [I3400]
    1798-02-15 E4021 WOOD, Laura [I2963]
    1798-02-16 E1769 STICKNEY, John [I1325]
    1798-03-03 E0843 STICKNEY, Levi [I0516]
    1798-03-24 E3808 KIMBALL, Asa [I2797]
    1798-03-26 E1489 STICKNEY, Asa [I1128]
    1798-04-12 E2822 EVANS, Prudence Stickney [I2092]
    1798-05-20 E3493 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I2548]
    1798-05-23 E4526 BURPEE, Elizabeth [I3415]
    1798-06-01 E1270 STICKNEY, Timothy [I0923]
    1798-06-11 E0874 INGALLS, Abigail [I0552]
    1798-07-10 E1436 STICKNEY, Polly [I1075]
    1798-07-16 E1847 STICKNEY, Abiel [I1379]
    1798-07-21 E0869 STICKNEY, Daniel Balch [I0546]
    1798-07-22 E4153 STICKNEY, Luther Wallis [I3073]
    1798-07-23 E3699 HOWE, Hannah R [I2693]
    1798-08-24 E1229 STICKNEY, Frederick S [I0888]
    1798-08-29 E4541 STICKNEY, Nathaniel [I3424]
    1798-09-05 E1503 MOODY, Josiah [I1137]
    1798-09-22 E2160 STICKNEY, Mary [I1688]
    1798-09-25 E2791 STICKNEY, John Ingalls [I2075]
    1798-09-25 E3481 STICKNEY, Harriet [I2541]
    1798-10-21 E3970 STICKNEY, Williams [I2910]
    1798-11-04 E3883 STICKNEY, Dudley [I2846]
    1798-11-28 E4109 PEABODY, Hepsibah [I3021]
    1798-12-14 E1293 STICKNEY, Zepheniah Kittredge [I0935]
    1798-12-23 E1154 STICKNEY, Abigail [I0817]
    1799 E1313 BROWN, Hannah [I0950]
    1799 E1351 HORTON, Thomas C [I0993]
    1799 E4253 MILLER, Cynthea [I3155]
    1799 E4393 STICKNEY, Hannah [I3314]
    1799-01-09 E2995 STICKNEY, Elisha [I2212]
    1799-01-26 E1834 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1370]
    1799-01-31 E3651 STICKNEY, Mary [I2662]
    1799-02-05 E5740 HALL, Israel Woodbury [I4872]
    1799-02-08 E5437 CLARK, Lucebia [I4550]
    1799-02-15 E7018 GLOVER, Ruth [I6283]
    1799-02-22 E4122 PEABODY, Oliver Tyler [I3031]
    1799-03-06 E4142 STICKNEY, John [I3066]
    1799-03-26 E1813 STICKNEY, George [I1351]
    1799-03-26 E5827 SIBLEY, Stephen [I4964]
    1799-03-26 E5834 SIBLEY, Benjamin [I4969]
    1799-03-31 E3945 STICKNEY, Abiram [I2894]
    1799-04-16 E3824 STICKNEY, George W [I2806]
    1799-04-17 E3836 STICKNEY, William [I2812]
    1799-04-18 E3682 STICKNEY, Charlotte [I2681]
    1799-04-22 E1142 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0804]
    1799-05-17 E1250 STICKNEY, Thomas [I0911]
    1799-05-21 E4164 GRAY, Nathaniel [I3080]
    1799-06-05 E2838 STICKNEY, Henry Rolfe [I2102]
    1799-06-07 E5376 STICKNEY, Betsey [I4471]
    1799-06-24 E4771 STICKNEY, David [I3786]
    1799-07-26 E2176 BOWERS, Abigail Thompson [I1702]
    1799-07-27 E3850 HOWE, Moses [I2822]
    1799-07-30 E2888 STICKNEY, John [I2139]
    1799-08-20 E1947 STICKNEY, William [I1470]
    1799-09-13 E4170 WEBBER, William [I3084]
    1799-09-23 E5012 NOYES, Abigail [I4031]
    1799-09-27 E4559 TAYLOR, Benjamin [I3436]
    1799-10-00 E1861 STICKNEY, Robert [I1392]
    1799-10-12 E6232 STICKNEY, Eliza [I5428]
    1799-10-20 E4965 WATTS, Eunice M [I3987]
    1799-11-02 E4814 GREY, Polly [I3829]
    1799-11-10 E4507 STICKNEY, Samuel Lockwood [I3401]
    1799-11-15 E0981 PARKER, Anna [I0645]
    1799-11-18 E3665 STICKNEY, Mary [I2672]
    1799-11-28 E1437 STICKNEY, Samuel Webster [I1076]
    1799-12-10 E1323 STICKNEY, Tyler [I0956]
    1799-12-15 E0999 BALCH, William Savary [I0655]
    1799-12-23 E4205 PIERCE, Samuel [I3111]
    1800 E3017 STICKNEY, John [I2236]
    1800-01-01 E3740 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2732]
    about 1800 E4166 STICKNEY, Moses [I3081]
    1800-01-09 E1209 STICKNEY, Elizabeth L [I0876]
    1800-01-12 E3292 STICKNEY, Elias [I2409]
    1800-01-18 E1513 STICKNEY, Polly [I1144]
    1800-02-09 E3495 STICKNEY, Anna [I2549]
    1800-02-12 E3652 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I2663]
    1800-03-02 E6526 RICKS, Elizabeth A [I5773]
    1800-03-11 E0876 INGALLS, Ann [I0553]
    1800-03-14 E6396 HODGE, Martha [I5599]
    1800-03-20 E3707 STICKNEY, Judith [I2703]
    1800-03-29 E1155 STICKNEY, Lorinda [I0818]
    1800-04-08 E4797 KILBOURN, Mary [I3815]
    1800-04-10 E4081 STICKNEY, Amelia [I3002]
    1800-04-22 E4045 STICKNEY, Asa [I2978]
    1800-04-29 E4543 STICKNEY, Isaac [I3425]
    1800-06-03 E3989 STICKNEY, Eliphalet [I2921]
    1800-06-08 E4155 STICKNEY, Eliza [I3074]
    1800-06-27 E0871 STICKNEY, Mary [I0547]
    1800-06-28 E6216 STICKNEY, Sarah [I5412]
    1800-06-29 E3810 KIMBALL, John Adams [I2798]
    1800-07-18 E3704 CURRIER, Daniel Stickney [I2699]
    1800-07-21 E3973 STICKNEY, Levi [I2911]
    1800-07-23 E3700 HOWE, Abigail [I2694]
    1800-08-04 E3724 STICKNEY, William [I2718]
    1800-08-06 E2824 EVANS, Samuel Thomas [I2093]
    1800-08-13 E3872 STICKNEY, Susan [I2839]
    1800-08-19 E4444 STICKNEY, Ezekiel Wilson [I3345]
    1800-08-23 E4460 STICKNEY, Erastus Bailey [I3352]
    1800-08-26 E6681 PERHAM, Sarah [I5927]
    1800-08-27 E4560 TAYLOR, Mehetable Ryerson [I3437]
    1800-09-03 E2178 BOWERS, Harriet Silence [I1703]
    1800-09-16 E1491 STICKNEY, Lucinda [I1129]
    1800-10-12 E1780 STICKNEY, Peter [I1331]
    1800-10-15 E1310 STICKNEY, James [I0947]
    1800-10-18 E1849 STICKNEY, Webster [I1380]
    1800-10-26 E1294 STICKNEY, Roxana [I0936]
    1800-10-31 E0845 STICKNEY, Harriet [I0517]
    1800-11-13 E2751 STICKNEY, Enoch [I2044]
    1800-11-14 E1072 CURRIER, Lydia [I0726]
    1800-11-20 E4791 STICKNEY, Oliver [I3805]
    1800-11-28 E6176 HOPKINS, Hannah [I5375]
    1800-12-31 E8615 STANDLEY, Joanna [I8790]
    1801 E4144 STICKNEY, Rebecca [I3067]
    1801 E4254 MILLER, Catharine [I3156]
    1801 E4642 STICKNEY, Ruth [I3527]
    1801-01-02 E4026 STICKNEY, Lucy [I2968]
    1801-01-07 E4773 STICKNEY, William [I3787]
    1801-01-14 E4891 STICKNEY, Harriet [I3928]
    1801-01-18 E1272 STICKNEY, Susan Christy [I0924]
    1801-02-08 E1251 STICKNEY, Hannah [I0912]
    1801-02-14 E4171 WEBBER, John [I3085]
    1801-02-22 E5022 CROSS, Harriot Hamilton [I4039]
    1801-03-02 E2161 STICKNEY, David [I1689]
    1801-03-04 E4123 PEABODY, Lavinia [I3032]
    1801-03-17 E2890 STICKNEY, Judith [I2140]
    1801-04-05 E3825 STICKNEY, Owen [I2807]
    1801-04-24 E4059 STRATTON, Anna [I2987]
    1801-05-04 E1514 STICKNEY, Addison [I1145]
    1801-05-15 E2997 STICKNEY, Sarah C [I2213]
    1801-06-09 E3901 STICKNEY, Sophia [I2855]
    1801-06-24 E3684 STICKNEY, William Wier [I2682]
    1801-07-07 E8364 FOSS, Sarah Lang [I8447]
    1801-07-11 E3851 HOWE, Priscilla [I2823]
    1801-07-22 E4046 STICKNEY, Nancy [I2979]
    1801-07-27 E3947 STICKNEY, Sophronia [I2895]
    1801-08-06 E1157 STICKNEY, David Jewett [I0819]
    1801-08-10 E1865 STICKNEY, Martha [I1397]
    1801-08-14 E1835 STICKNEY, Ann [I1371]
    1801-08-26 E4584 PEIRCE, Paul [I3467]
    1801-09-04 E4860 PRINCE, William [I3908]
    1801-09-15 E4111 PEABODY, Hannah [I3022]
    1801-09-15 E4112 PEABODY, Nathan [I3023]
    1801-10-01 E2793 STICKNEY, Sally [I2076]
    1801-10-18 E1438 STICKNEY, Johnathan [I1077]
    1801-11-04 E0890 STICKNEY, Anna [I0563]
    1801-11-04 E6202 STICKNEY, John Fernald [I5403]
    1801-11-13 E3741 STICKNEY, Thomas P [I2733]
    1801-12-03 E3482 STICKNEY, Eliza Jane [I2542]
    1801-12-20 E6233 STICKNEY, William P [I5429]
    1802 E1231 STICKNEY, Frances [I0890]
    1802 E1862 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I1394]
    1802 E4396 STICKNEY, Moses Peck [I3315]
    about 1802 E5984 STACKPOLE, Mary [I5142]
    about 1802 E6579 SARGENT, Ignatius [I5819]
    1802-01-12 E4206 PIERCE, Kimball [I3112]
    1802-01-24 E6594 CHENEY, Luther [I5832]
    1802-01-31 E1212 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I0877]
    1802-02-05 E4157 STICKNEY, Elsa [I3075]
    1802-02-19 E1314 BROWN, Eleanor [I0951]
    1802-02-20 E4527 BURPEE, Ann [I3416]
    1802-03-03 E3975 STICKNEY, David [I2912]
    1802-03-03 E3976 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I2913]
    1802-03-14 E2753 STICKNEY, Elizabeth H [I2045]
    1802-03-17 E1505 MOODY, Stoughton [I1138]
    1802-03-24 E5291 ALLEN, Thomas [I4314]
    1802-03-26 E1771 STICKNEY, Charles [I1326]
    1802-04-02 E1296 STICKNEY, Henry C [I0937]
    1802-04-02 E1949 STICKNEY, Hannah [I1471]
    1802-04-28 E6187 MARSH, Mary Ann [I5394]
    1802-05-14 E4085 STICKNEY, Hepsibah [I3004]
    1802-05-16 E3863 CHAPLIN, Susan [I2832]
    1802-05-22 E7372 BURPEE, William [I6779]
    1802-06-01 E6437 WEBBER, David Stickney [I5649]
    1802-06-05 E5325 PEABODY, Fanny [I4357]
    1802-06-06 E4173 WEBBER, Louisa [I3086]
    1802-06-09 E3293 STICKNEY, Electa [I2410]
    1802-07-12 E6262 JONES, Anthony Stickney [I5458]
    1802-07-30 E4561 TAYLOR, William [I3438]
    1802-07-31 E2826 EVANS, Thomas [I2095]
    1802-08-00 E2763 STICKNEY, Son [I2058]
    1802-08-08 E4950 STICKNEY, Samuel [I3971]
    1802-08-23 E3701 HOWE, Alvin [I2695]
    1802-08-25 E1815 STICKNEY, Anna [I1352]
    1802-08-25 E3991 STICKNEY, Philenda [I2922]
    1802-08-28 E1175 STICKNEY, Mary [I0835]
    1802-08-30 E2139 STICKNEY, Esther [I1673]
    1802-09-02 E2840 STICKNEY, Judith Little [I2103]
    1802-09-26 E1493 STICKNEY, Clarissa [I1130]
    1802-10-16 E4775 STICKNEY, Sarah Ann [I3788]
    1802-10-17 E1851 STICKNEY, Daniel [I1381]
    1802-10-20 E4793 STICKNEY, John [I3806]
    1802-10-20 E6217 STICKNEY, Gideon [I5413]
    1802-10-24 E1782 STICKNEY, Sarah [I1332]
    1802-11-02 E6318 SARGENT, Jane [I5510]
    1802-11-04 E3873 STICKNEY, Samuel Warren [I2840]
    1802-11-21 E1973 BAIRD, Esther [I1483]
    1802-12-12 E4027 STICKNEY, Eliza [I2969]
    1802-12-20 E3654 STICKNEY, Betsey [I2664]
    1802-12-31 E4060 STRATTON, Sally [I2988]
    about 1803 E1017 TANDY, Gorham Parsons [I0670]
    1803 E1463 GAGE, Delia [I1101]
    about 1803 E4124 PEABODY, Ancel Stickney [I3033]
    1803 E4256 MILLER, Henry [I3157]
    1803 E5080 WOOD, John Gilman [I4115]
    1803-01-04 E4129 STICKNEY, Ancill [I3037]
    1803-01-11 E3686 STICKNEY, Hiram [I2683]
    1803-01-21 E3827 STICKNEY, Hannah [I2808]
    1803-01-30 E0881 STICKNEY, Elizabeth Foster [I0558]
    1803-02-03 E3811 KIMBALL, Eliza M [I2799]
    1803-02-07 E5746 WEBSTER, Susannah [I4876]
    1803-03-07 E6632 SEARLE, Stephen [I5864]
    1803-03-16 E3949 STICKNEY, Silas [I2896]
    1803-03-23 E2882 STICKNEY, Moses [I2135]
    1803-03-24 E4498 RYERSON, Egerton [I3393]
    1803-03-24 E6120 BURGESS, Lucy [I5314]
    1803-03-27 E0877 INGALLS, Joseph Frye [I0554]
    1803-04-01 E2852 STICKNEY, Mary [I2119]
    1803-04-01 E2853 STICKNEY, Susan [I2120]
    1803-04-19 E1515 STICKNEY, William [I1146]
    1803-04-27 E4892 STICKNEY, Charlotte [I3929]
    1803-04-27 E6327 HALE, Sarah [I5526]
    1803-05-07 E1158 STICKNEY, Annah Baulding [I0820]
    1803-05-10 E1274 STICKNEY, Eleanor [I0925]
    1803-05-19 E1867 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1398]
    1803-05-27 E1252 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0913]
    1803-06-03 E0892 STICKNEY, Catharine [I0564]
    1803-06-03 E3843 FARRINGTON, Samuel Stickney [I2817]
    1803-06-04 E2892 STICKNEY, Moses [I2141]
    1803-06-16 E1439 STICKNEY, Dan [I1078]
    1803-06-16 E4113 PEABODY, John [I3024]
    1803-06-17 E3496 STICKNEY, Sarah [I2550]
    1803-06-28 E3852 HOWE, Samuel [I2824]
    1803-07-04 E4788 HILTON, Mary [I3800]
    1803-08-00 E4545 STICKNEY, Samuel [I3426]
    1803-08-14 E5103 STICKNEY, Hannah Hodges [I4144]
    1803-08-25 E1143 STICKNEY, Mary [I0805]
    1803-08-31 E6265 STICKNEY, One [I5460]
    1803-09-17 E3977 STICKNEY, Joseph [I2914]
    1803-10-06 E2847 STICKNEY, Lydia [I2108]
    1803-10-06 E4446 STICKNEY, David [I3346]
    1803-10-10 E4022 WOOD, Eliphalet S [I2964]
    1803-10-17 E4175 WEBBER, Louisa [I3087]
    1803-10-28 E1800 SOUTHER, Joseph [I1344]
    1803-11-06 E0909 STICKNEY, Alfred Ingalls [I0575]
    1803-11-06 E4146 STICKNEY, Josiah [I3068]
    1803-11-07 E2828 EVANS, Sarah Ann [I2096]
    1803-11-20 E5289 DUDLEY, Moses L [I4313]
    1803-11-29 E2796 STICKNEY, Sally [I2077]
    1803-12-08 E2141 STICKNEY, Hannah [I1674]
    1803-12-29 E4862 PRINCE, Frances Charlotte [I3909]
    1804-01-00 E1464 GAGE, Ira [I1102]
    1804 E5100 TENNEY, Caleb [I4133]
    1804-01-03 E1327 MILLER, Sarah T [I0961]
    1804-01-29 E1507 MOODY, Harriet [I1139]
    1804-01-31 E3864 CHAPLIN, Luther [I2833]
    1804-02-02 E2163 STICKNEY, Jeremiah [I1690]
    1804-02-08 E6203 STICKNEY, William [I5404]
    1804-02-10 E4049 STICKNEY, Lyman [I2980]
    1804-03-01 E1213 STICKNEY, Mary [I0878]
    1804-03-07 E4086 STICKNEY, Polly [I3005]
    1804-03-12 E1527 STICKNEY, Hiram [I1156]
    1804-04-00 E2874 STICKNEY, Lewis [I2130]
    1804-04-05 E2998 STICKNEY, Israel [I2214]
    1804-04-07 E4508 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I3402]
    1804-04-08 E0935 STICKNEY, Silas [I0600]
    1804-04-22 E6189 MARSH, Sally [I5395]
    1804-05-19 E5378 FRAZIER, Ann [I4484]
    1804-05-27 E6274 CHICKERING, Elizabeth Ann [I5466]
    1804-05-28 E4588 STICKNEY, Amos [I3469]
    1804-06-06 E5071 LOMBARD, Israel [I4100]
    1804-06-27 E6569 FARLEY, Eunice Whitney [I5805]
    1804-07-05 E1233 STICKNEY, William L [I0891]
    1804-07-30 E1176 STICKNEY, George [I0836]
    1804-08-16 E5326 PEABODY, Betsey [I4358]
    1804-08-27 E7343 BURPEE, James [I6724]
    1804-09-06 E6385 DOLE, Hannah S [I5591]
    1804-09-09 E1951 STICKNEY, Salmon [I1472]
    1804-09-10 E1852 STICKNEY, George Washington [I1382]
    1804-09-14 E1316 BROWN, Lucy [I0952]
    1804-09-14 E1317 BROWN, Sabrina [I0953]
    1804-10-25 E4029 STICKNEY, George W [I2970]
    1804-10-26 E4208 PIERCE, Lattace [I3113]
    1804-11-10 E1441 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I1079]
    1804-11-24 E1837 STICKNEY, John L [I1372]
    1804-11-25 E0894 STICKNEY, Daniel [I0565]
    1804-11-28 E2143 STICKNEY, Nancy [I1675]
    1804-12-00 E4529 BURPEE, Jeremiah [I3417]
    1804-12-03 E6958 FORD, Saloma W [I6216]
    1804-12-13 E1297 STICKNEY, James [I0938]
    1804-12-22 E6235 STICKNEY, Mary C [I5430]
    1804-12-24 E6026 GOSS, Marth B [I5175]
    1805 E3004 STICKNEY, Taplin [I2222]
    1805 E4258 MILLER, George [I3158]
    1805 E5550 HARDY, Mary [I4677]
    1805 E6266 STICKNEY, Louisa [I5461]
    1805 E6722 MOORE, Alvira [I5975]
    1805-01-06 E5089 STICKNEY, Jeremiah Chaplin [I4124]
    1805-01-12 E2075 BOLLES, Mary [I1610]
    1805-01-26 E0922 STICKNEY, Mary [I0589]
    1805-01-29 E4062 STRATTON, Asa [I2989]
    1805-02-03 E3992 STICKNEY, Napoleon [I2923]
    1805-02-07 E1159 STICKNEY, Lydia [I0821]
    1805-03-22 E5105 STICKNEY, William Pickman [I4145]
    1805-03-24 E1253 STICKNEY, Elizabeth [I0914]
    1805-04-03 E1495 STICKNEY, Stoughton [I1131]
    1805-04-28 E6768 STEVENS, Malissa [I6027]
    1805-04-30 E4421 ALLEN, William Stickney [I3330]
    1805-05-10 E7832 LOVEJOY, Josiah Ballard [I7273]
    1805-05-12 E4547 STICKNEY, Lydia [I3427]
    1805-05-17 E1783 STICKNEY, Alexander Hamilton [I1333]
    1805-05-18 E4789 HILTON, Samuel [I3801]
    1805-05-24 E3656 STICKNEY, Judith [I2665]
    1805-05-25 E6332 LITTLE, Ann Huntress [I5529]
    1805-05-28 E1517 STICKNEY, Elihu Moody [I1147]
    1805-05-28 E3874 STICKNEY, Elizabeth Ann [I2841]
    1805-06-08 E3743 STICKNEY, Dorcas [I2734]
    1805-06-08 E3744 STICKNEY, Jonathan [I2735]
    1805-06-17 E4115 PEABODY, Samuel [I3025]
    1805-06-20 E1056 FLETCHER, David [I0710]
    1805-07-09 E1868 STICKNEY, Samuel [I1399]
    1805-07-28 E3497 STICKNEY, Benjamin [I2551]
    1805-08-04 E1544 STICKNEY, Walter Howard [I1173]
    1805-08-06 E4893 STICKNEY, Elizabeth Ward [I3930]
    1805-08-26 E4872 STICKNEY, Harriet Eliza [I3918]
    1805-09-08 E2894 STICKNEY, William [I2142]
    1805-09-09 E3853 HOWE, Joshua [I2825]
    1805-09-22 E8252 WHITNEY, Milton Dorwin [I8291]
    1805-09-23 E3887 STICKNEY, Matthew Adams [I2847]
    1805-09-30 E4177 WEBBER, Sherabiah [I3088]
    1805-10-02 E0937 STICKNEY, Sarah [I0601]
    1805-10-03 E3702 HOWE, Jotham [I2696]
    1805-10-24 E1907 STICKNEY, Edwin [I1440]
    1805-10-27 E1144 STICKNEY, Naomi [I0806]
    1805-11-02 E1234 STICKNEY, Marcus [I0892]
    1805-12-15 E6219 STICKNEY, Lydia [I5414]
    1805-12-26 E1898 STICKNEY, William [I1432]
    1805-12-29 E2797 STICKNEY, Moses [I2078]
    about 1806 E3005 STICKNEY, John T [I2223]
    1806 E4952 STICKNEY, William [I3972]
    about 1806 E6758 STICKNEY, Oscar [I6012]
    1806-01-02 E1276 STICKNEY, Mary Roads [I0926]
    1806-01-02 E1277 STICKNEY, Elizabeth Scott [I0927]
    1806-01-15 E0883 STICKNEY, Mehetable Peabody [I0559]
    1806-01-20 E4209 PIERCE, Roxanna [I3114]
    1806-01-30 E5627 EARL, Lucy [I4765]
    1806-02-02 E2029 STEVENS, Caroline Abba [I1540]
    1806-02-02 E3865 CHAPLIN, Cynthia [I2834]
    1806-02-03 E4126 PEABODY, Alfred [I3034]
    1806-02-11 E1528 STICKNEY, Charles [I1157]
    1806-02-11 E4051 STICKNEY, Messilvia [I2981]
    1806-02-20 E6206 STICKNEY, Jacob [I5405]
    1806-03-02 E5647 SAWYER, Nancy [I4778]
    1806-03-14 E1161 STICKNEY, Simeon Smith [I0822]
    1806-03-20 E6191 MARSH, Adeline [I5396]
    1806-03-24 E5706 TREADWAY, Lora [I4832]
    1806-04-01 E3668 STICKNEY, Silas [I2673]
    1806-04-20 E4087 STICKNEY, Jedediah [I3006]
    1806-05-02 E2876 STICKNEY, Jane [I2131]
    1806-05-10 E4864 PRINCE, John Tucker [I3910]
    1806-05-12 E3484 STICKNEY, Frederick [I2543]
    1806-05-17 E2999 STICKNEY, Sophronia [I2215]
    1806-06-06 E4130 STICKNEY, Child [I3038]
    1806-06-10 E3903 STICKNEY, Mary [I2856]
    1806-06-12 E1443 STICKNEY, John [I1080]
    1806-06-19 E6401 PHILBROOK, Rachel [I5609]
    1806-06-23 E0895 STICKNEY, George [I0566]
    1806-06-29 E0924 STICKNEY, Ruth [I0590]
    1806-06-30 E1508 MOODY, Olive [I1140]
    1806-07-00 E5123 STICKNEY, Lucy Knight [I4155]
    1806-07-01 E6347 LANE, Matilda [I5552]
    1806-07-09 E1215 STICKNEY, Abraham [I0879]
    1806-07-12 E6237 STICKNEY, Lydia [I5431]
    1806-08-10 E1064 HALE, Hannah [I0720]
    1806-08-19 E5328 PEABODY, Francis Stickney [I4359]
    1806-08-28 E7708 MIDDLETON, Mary F [I7122]
    1806-09-02 E3952 STICKNEY, Orrin [I2897]
    1806-09-02 E3953 STICKNEY, Orra [I2898]
    1806-09-05 E4590 STICKNEY, William [I3470]
    1806-09-15 E4531 BURPEE, Mehetable [I3418]
    1806-09-23 E2165 STICKNEY, Nancy [I1691]
    1806-09-26 E5107 STICKNEY, Elizabeth Byrne [I4146]
    1806-10-04 E1178 STICKNEY, Clarissa [I0837]
    1806-10-15 E2841 STICKNEY, Sarah Jackson [I2104]
    1806-11-12 E2145 STICKNEY, Mary [I1676]
    1806-11-20 E4509 STICKNEY, Mehetable Ann [I3403]
    1806-12-15 E1298 STICKNEY, Sally [I0939]
    1807 E1080 CHASE, William Neal [I0732]
    1807 E3006 STICKNEY, Nelson [I2224]
    1807 E4261 STICKNEY, John Carter [I3160]
    1807 E5081 WOOD, Paul [I4116]
    1807-01-29 E1954 STICKNEY, Henry [I1473]
    1807-02-05 E3994 STICKNEY, Milla [I2924]
    1807-02-22 E4423