STICKNEY, Laura 1a

Birth Name STICKNEY, Laura
Gramps ID I2890
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Birth [E3939] 1792-09-09 Weybridge, Vermont, USA  


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father STICKNEY, Barzillia [I2275]
Mother LAWRENCE, Olive [I2888]
    Sister     STICKNEY, Betsey L [I2889]
         STICKNEY, Laura [I2890]
    Sister     STICKNEY, Abigail H [I2891]
    Brother     STICKNEY, Asa L [I2892]
    Brother     STICKNEY, Paul [I2893]
    Brother     STICKNEY, Abiram [I2894]
    Sister     STICKNEY, Sophronia [I2895]
    Brother     STICKNEY, Silas [I2896]
    Brother     STICKNEY, Orrin [I2897]
    Brother     STICKNEY, Orra [I2898]
Father STICKNEY, Barzillia [I2275]
Stepmother BLACKMAN, Hannah [I2882]
    Half-brother     STICKNEY, Moses [I2883]
    Half-brother     STICKNEY, Hale [I2884]
    Half-brother     STICKNEY, Charles [I2885]
    Half-brother     STICKNEY, Josiah [I2886]
    Half-sister     STICKNEY, Hannah [I2887]


    Family of MUNCIL, Harvey and STICKNEY, Laura [F1712]
Married Husband MUNCIL, Harvey [I5964]
Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Marriage [E10533]      


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Type Value Notes Sources
REFN 1429


  1. STICKNEY, Barzillia [I2275]
    1. LAWRENCE, Olive [I2888]
      1. STICKNEY, Betsey L [I2889]
      2. STICKNEY, Laura
        1. MUNCIL, Harvey [I5964]
      3. STICKNEY, Abigail H [I2891]
      4. STICKNEY, Asa L [I2892]
      5. STICKNEY, Paul [I2893]
      6. STICKNEY, Abiram [I2894]
      7. STICKNEY, Sophronia [I2895]
      8. STICKNEY, Silas [I2896]
      9. STICKNEY, Orrin [I2897]
      10. STICKNEY, Orra [I2898]


Source References

  1. Matthew Adams STICKNEY's 1869 book: "The Stickney Family". [S13645]
      • Page: 243
      • Confidence: Very High
      • Page: 243