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Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
A Acworth, New Hampshire, USA [P0371]        
  Adams, New York, USA [P0293]        
  Addison, Vermont, USA [P0452]        
  Adolphus Town, Upper Canada [P0532]        
  Albany, New York, USA [P0368]        
  Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA [P0007]        
  Amherst, New Hampshire, USA [P0093]        
  Andover, Massachusetts, USA [P0009]        
  Andover, Vermont, USA [P0230]        
  Annisquam, New Hampshire, USA [P0072]        
  Anson, Maine, USA [P0412]        
  Antietam, Maryland, USA [P0162]        
  Antrim, New Hampshire, USA [P0037]        
  Antwerp, New York, USA [P0448]        
  Ashborough, North Carolina, USA [P0487]        
  At sea [P0092]        
  Athens, Maine, USA [P0202]        
  Athens, Vermont, USA [P0276]        
  Atkinson, New Hampshire, USA [P0104]        
  Attleborough, Massachusetts, USA [P0315]        
  Auburn, New Hampshire, USA [P0235]        
  Augusta, Georgia, USA [P0134]        
  Augusta, Maine, USA [P0038]        
  Ausable Forks, New York, USA [P0429]        
  Avon, Ohio, USA [P0286]        
B Baldwin Co, Alabama, USA [P0345]        
  Ballville, New Jersey, USA [P0477]        
  Baltimore, Maryland, USA [P0130]        
  Bangor, Maine, USA [P0216]        
  Bangor, New York, USA [P0585]        
  Barnet, Vermont, USA [P0376]        
  Barre, Vermont, USA [P0445]        
  Barrington, New Hampshire, USA [P0438]        
  Bath, New Hampshire, USA [P0016]        
  Bath, Vermont, USA [P0518]        
  Baton Rouge, Louisianna, USA [P0442]        
  Beau Manor, Leicester, England [P0527]        
  Beaufort, South Carolina, USA [P0101]        
  Bedford, Massachusetts, USA [P0533]        
  Bedfordshire, England [P0270]        
  Belfast, Maine, USA [P0274]        
  Bellows Falls, Vermont, USA [P0478]        
  Belvidere, Vermont, USA [P0232]        
  Belville, Massachusetts, USA [P0406]        
  Bennington, New Hampshire, USA [P0047]        
  Bennington, New York, USA [P0109]        
  Bennington, Vermont, USA [P0236]        
  Benton, Illinois, USA [P0424]        
  Benton, New Hampshire, USA [P0440]        
  Berkshire, Vermont, USA [P0421]        
  Berlin, Connecticut, USA [P0164]        
  Berlin, Vermont, USA [P0186]        
  Bermondsey, Surrey, England [P0200]        
  Beverly, Massachusetts, USA [P0030]        
  Bideford, Devon, England [P0266]        
  Billerica, Massachusetts, USA [P0014]        
  Birmingham, Michigan, USA [P0107]        
  Black River Falls, Wisconsin, USA [P0324]        
  Black Rock, New York, USA [P0425]        
  Bloomfield, Canada West [P0485]        
  Bloomfield, Maine, USA [P0551]        
  Bloomfield, New Brunswick, USA [P0214]        
  Bloomingburg, New York, USA [P0100]        
  Bolton, Canada East [P0557]        
  Booneville, Minnisota, USA [P0565]        
  Booneville, New York, USA [P0247]        
  Borreyville, New York, USA [P0041]        
  Boscawen, New Hampshire, USA [P0136]        
  Boston, Lincolnshire, England [P0269]        
  Boston, Massachusetts, USA [P0046]        
  Boston, New York, USA [P0308]        
  Boulton, Connecticut, USA [P0098]        
  Bow, New Hampshire, USA [P0403]        
  Boxford, Massachusetts, USA [P0017]        
  Bradford, Massachusetts, USA [P0003]        
  Bradford, Yorkshire, England [P0332]        
  Brentwood, New Hampshire, USA [P0502]        
  Bridgewater, Vermont, USA [P0123]        
  Bridgton, Maine, USA [P0254]        
  Brighton, New Brunswick, USA [P0331]        
  Brimfield, Ohio, USA [P0423]        
  Brookfield, Massachusetts, USA [P0342]        
  Brookfield, New York, USA [P0554]        
  Brookfield, Vermont, USA [P0053]        
  Brookline, Vermont, USA [P0418]        
  Brooklyn, New York, USA [P0167]        
  Brooksville, Maine, USA [P0471]        
  Brownfield, Maine, USA [P0115]        
  Brownville, Maine, USA [P0035]        
  Brunswick, Maine, USA [P0337]        
  Buffalo, New York, USA [P0298]        
  Burke Co, North Carolina, USA [P0457]        
  Burke, New York, USA [P0372]        
  Burton, New Brunswick, USA [P0528]        
  Burton, Ohio, USA [P0125]        
  Byfield, Massachusetts, USA [P0006]        
C Cadiz, Spain [P0384]        
  Calais, Maine, USA [P0091]        
  Calais, Vermont, USA [P0373]        
  California, USA [P0261]        
  Camberwell, Surrey, England [P0473]        
  Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA [P0133]        
  Cambridgeport, Massachusetts, USA [P0154]        
  Campton, New Hampshire, USA [P0347]        
  Canaan, Connecticut, USA [P0283]        
  Canaan, Maine, USA [P0065]        
  Canada [P0148]        
  Canada East [P0450]        
  Candia, New Hampshire, USA [P0393]        
  Canterbury, Connecticut, USA [P0385]        
  Canton, Maine, USA [P0348]        
  Canton, New York, USA [P0566]        
  Cape Henry, Hayti [P0314]        
  Cape Vincent, New York, USA [P0509]        
  Carthage, Maine, USA [P0034]        
  Castine, Maine, USA [P0135]        
  Castleton, New York, USA [P0166]        
  Charleston, South Carolina, USA [P0377]        
  Charlestown, Massachusetts, USA [P0121]        
  Charlestown, New Hampshire, USA [P0145]        
  Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA [P0122]        
  Chelsea, Vermont, USA [P0212]        
  Chester, New Hampshire, USA [P0176]        
  Chester, New York, USA [P0042]        
  Chester, Vermont, USA [P0156]        
  Chesterville, Maine, USA [P0068]        
  Chesterville, Ohio, USA [P0040]        
  Chicago, Illinios, USA [P0339]        
  Chili, New York, USA [P0476]        
  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA [P0340]        
  Cleveland, Ohio, USA [P0220]        
  Clinton, Maine, USA [P0389]        
  Coleraine, Massachusetts, USA [P0481]        
  Collins, New York, USA [P0237]        
  Columbian Mines, Kentucky, USA [P0463]        
  Concord, New Hampshire, USA [P0013]        
  Constable, New York, USA [P0374]        
  Constantine, Michigan, USA [P0141]        
  Conway, New Hampshire, USA [P0113]        
  Cooperstown, New York, USA [P0539]        
  Coos Co., New Hampshire, USA [P0175]        
  Corinth, Maine, USA [P0217]        
  Corinth, Vermont, USA [P0305]        
  Cormi, Illinois, USA [P0569]        
  Cornwall, Vermont, USA [P0279]        
  Cottingham, Yorkshire, England [P0002]        
  Crawford County, Pennsylvania, USA [P0359]        
D Danvers, Illinois, USA [P0375]        
  Danvers, Massachusetts, USA [P0190]        
  Darien, New York, USA [P0054]        
  Deerfield, New Hampshire, USA [P0075]        
  Delaware, USA [P0172]        
  Derry, New Hampshire, USA [P0073]        
  Detroit, Michigan, USA [P0391]        
  Dexter, Michigan, USA [P0561]        
  Dickinson, New York, USA [P0514]        
  Dorchester, New Hampshire, USA [P0262]        
  Dover, New Hampshire, USA [P0131]        
  Dracut, Massachusetts, USA [P0023]        
  Dummerston, Vermont, USA [P0244]        
  Dunbarton, New Hampshire, USA [P0031]        
  Durham, Maine, USA [P0458]        
  Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA [P0354]        
E East Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA [P0346]        
  Eastport, Maine, USA [P0401]        
  Eden, New York, USA [P0173]        
  Eden, Vermont, USA [P0547]        
  Edmeston, New York, USA [P0295]        
  Edminston, New York, USA [P0560]        
  Elisburgh, New York, USA [P0290]        
  Elk Point, Dakota, USA [P0365]        
  Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA [P0583]        
  Enfield, New Hampshire, USA [P0022]        
  England [P0005]        
  England/Scotland [P0353]        
  Epping, New Hampshire, USA [P0178]        
  Epsom, New Hampshire, USA [P0441]        
  Equality, Illinois, USA [P0570]        
  Essex Co, New Jersey, USA [P0497]        
  Exeter, New Hampshire, USA [P0358]        
F Fairfax, Vermont, USA [P0191]        
  Fairfield, New York, USA [P0459]        
  Fairlee, Vermont, USA [P0490]        
  Fall River, Massachusetts, USA [P0443]        
  Falmouth, Maine, USA [P0015]        
  Farley, Vermont, USA [P0538]        
  Farmington, Maine, USA [P0531]        
  Fitchburg, Massachusetts, USA [P0153]        
  Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, USA [P0119]        
  Fletcher, Vermont, USA [P0451]        
  Floyd Co, Indiana, USA [P0292]        
  Floyd, New York, USA [P0318]        
  Foo-Chow, China [P0352]        
  Framingham, Massachusetts, USA [P0150]        
  Frampton, Lincolnshire, England [P0000]        
  Frankfort, Kentucky, USA [P0506]        
  Franklin, New York, USA [P0226]        
  Frelighsburg, St Armand, USA [P0543]        
  Fryeburg, Maine, USA [P0118]        
  Fulton, New York, USA [P0439]        
G Gaines, New York, USA [P0143]        
  Gainesville, New York, USA [P0422]        
  Gardner, Massachusetts, USA [P0482]        
  Garland, Maine, USA [P0575]        
  Georgetown, D. C, USA [P0513]        
  Georgetown, Massachusetts, USA [P0078]        
  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA [P0370]        
  Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA [P0128]        
  Goshen, Indiana, USA [P0447]        
  Goshen, New Hampshire, USA [P0522]        
  Goshen, Vermont, USA [P0277]        
  Grafton, Vermont, USA [P0029]        
  Granby, Massachusetts, USA [P0059]        
  Granville, New York, USA [P0430]        
  Grayville, Illinois, USA [P0341]        
  Greenfield, New Hampshire, USA [P0080]        
  Greenfield, Ohio, USA [P0579]        
  Greenland, New Hampshire, USA [P0390]        
  Greensborough, Alabama, USA [P0249]        
  Greensborough, Vermont, USA [P0310]        
  Groveland, Massachusetts, USA [P0064]        
H Hadley, Massachusetts, USA [P0028]        
  Hallowell, Maine, USA [P0067]        
  Hallowell, Massachusetts, USA [P0066]        
  Hamburgh, New York, USA [P0449]        
  Hamilton, Massachusetts, USA [P0362]        
  Hamond, St Croix, Wisconsin, USA [P0586]        
  Hampstead, New Hampshire, USA [P0258]        
  Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, USA [P0008]        
  Hampton, New Hampshire, USA [P0198]        
  Hancock, New Hampshire, USA [P0544]        
  Hanover, New Hampshire, USA [P0357]        
  Harrison, Maine, USA [P0302]        
  Hartford, Connecticut, USA [P0516]        
  Hartford, Maine, USA [P0275]        
  Hartland, Connecticut, USA [P0239]        
  Hartland, Vermont, USA [P0504]        
  Hartwick, New York, USA [P0187]        
  Harvard, Massachusetts, USA [P0325]        
  Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA [P0033]        
  Haverhill, New Hampshire, USA [P0106]        
  Hebron, Massachusetts, USA [P0297]        
  Highgate, Vermont, USA [P0263]        
  Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA [P0238]        
  Holden, Massachusetts, USA [P0227]        
  Holland Purchase, New York, USA [P0108]        
  Hollis, New Hampshire, USA [P0197]        
  Holliston, Massachusetts, USA [P0169]        
  Homer, New York, USA [P0460]        
  Hope, New York, USA [P0322]        
  Hopkinton, New Hampshire, USA [P0114]        
  Horicon, New York, USA [P0456]        
I Illinois, USA [P0127]        
  Indianna, USA [P0395]        
  Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA [P0177]        
J Jackson, Mississippi, USA [P0503]        
  Jaffrey, New Hampshire, USA [P0224]        
  Jay, New York, USA [P0117]        
  Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, USA [P0470]        
  Jefferson, Maine, USA [P0039]        
  Jericho, Vermont, USA [P0311]        
  Johnson, Vermont, USA [P0097]        
K Kansas, Massachusetts, USA [P0168]        
  Keene, New Hampshire, USA [P0479]        
  Keene, New York, USA [P0138]        
  Kennebunk, Maine, USA [P0070]        
  Kennebunkport, Maine, USA [P0472]        
  Kensal Green Cemetery, London, England [P0171]        
  Kensington, Middlesex, England [P0149]        
  Kensington, New Hampshire, USA [P0021]        
  Kentucky, USA [P0396]        
  Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick, USA [P0327]        
  Kingston, Massachusetts, USA [P0071]        
  Kingston, New Hampshire, USA [P0454]        
  Kingston, Richibucto, New Brunswick, USA [P0501]        
L Lake Erie, Ohio, USA [P0088]        
  Lambeth, Surrey, England [P0163]        
  Lancaster, New Hampshire, USA [P0137]        
  Lapeer, Michigan, USA [P0289]        
  Lausanne, Switzerland [P0488]        
  Lawrence Co, Indiana, USA [P0559]        
  Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA [P0144]        
  Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA [P0356]        
  Leicester, Massachusetts, USA [P0199]        
  Leicester, Vermont, USA [P0146]        
  Leominster, Massachusetts, USA [P0194]        
  Leominster, New Hampshire, USA [P0542]        
  LeRoy, Wisconsin, USA [P0436]        
  Lexington, Massachusetts, USA [P0010]        
  Lima, Ohio, USA [P0526]        
  Lime, Illinois, USA [P0243]        
  Lincoln, Massachusetts, USA [P0170]        
  Linebrook, Massachusetts, USA [P0195]        
  Litchfield, Maine, USA [P0411]        
  Liverpool, Lancashire, England [P0210]        
  Lockport, New York, USA [P0045]        
  London, England [P0018]        
  Londonderry, New Hampshire, USA [P0063]        
  Louisburg, USA [P0192]        
  Lowell, Massachusetts, USA [P0105]        
  Lowville, New York, USA [P0306]        
  Ludlow, Vermont, USA [P0483]        
  Lunenburg, New Hampshire, USA [P0179]        
  Lyman, New Hampshire, USA [P0338]        
  Lynchburg, Virginia, USA [P0573]        
  Lyndon, Vermont, USA [P0215]        
  Lynn, Massachusetts, USA [P0255]        
  Lyons, New York, USA [P0087]        
  Lyonstown, New York, USA [P0044]        
M Machias, Maine, USA [P0089]        
  Madrid, New York, USA [P0312]        
  Majumbo, Madagascar [P0402]        
  Malone, New York, USA [P0282]        
  Manchester, New Hampshire, USA [P0343]        
  Manhattan, Ohio, USA [P0404]        
  Manheim, New York, USA [P0491]        
  Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA [P0409]        
  Marietta, Ohio, USA [P0535]        
  Marion, Virginia, USA [P0462]        
  Marlborough, Wiltshire, England [P0268]        
  Mason, New Hampshire, USA [P0294]        
  Mast Hope, Pennsylvania, USA [P0086]        
  Maugerville, New Brunswick, USA [P0246]        
  Mazomanie, Wisconsin, USA [P0578]        
  Medford, Massachusetts, USA [P0152]        
  Menin, Belgium [P0517]        
  Methuen, Massachusetts, USA [P0303]        
  Mexico City, Mexico [P0317]        
  Michigan, USA [P0055]        
  Middlebury, Vermont, USA [P0553]        
  Middleton, Massachusetts, USA [P0530]        
  Milford, New Hampshire, USA [P0367]        
  Milford, New York, USA [P0446]        
  Milford, Wisconsin, USA [P0511]        
  Milwaukie, Wisconsin, USA [P0562]        
  Mississippi, USA [P0378]        
  Mobile, Alabama, USA [P0250]        
  Moira, New York, USA [P0281]        
  Monticello, New York, USA [P0484]        
  Montpelier, Vermont, USA [P0494]        
  Moria, New York, USA [P0420]        
  Moriah, New York, USA [P0525]        
  Morristown, Vermont, USA [P0369]        
  Mt Tabor, Vermont, USA [P0433]        
  Mt Vernon, Maine, USA [P0523]        
  Mt Vernon, New Hampshire, USA [P0096]        
N Nashua, New Hampshire, USA [P0301]        
  New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA [P0383]        
  New Boston, New Hampshire, USA [P0025]        
  New Brunswick, USA [P0361]        
  New Hampshire, USA [P0181]        
  New Haven, Missouri, USA [P0316]        
  New Haven, Vermont, USA [P0225]        
  New Ipswich, New Hampshire, USA [P0184]        
  New London, Massachusetts, USA [P0520]        
  New Orleans, Louisiana, USA [P0069]        
  New Portland, Maine, USA [P0299]        
  New Salem, Massachusetts, USA [P0419]        
  New Salisbury, New Hampshire, USA [P0211]        
  New Sharon, Maine, USA [P0550]        
  New York City, New York, USA [P0095]        
  New York State, USA [P0094]        
  Newburgh, New York, USA [P0043]        
  Newbury, Massachusetts, USA [P0004]        
  Newbury, Vermont, USA [P0493]        
  Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA [P0019]        
  Newfane, Vermont, USA [P0229]        
  Newport, New Hampshire, USA [P0521]        
  Newton Corner, Massachusetts, USA [P0350]        
  Newton, New Hampshire, USA [P0218]        
  Norfolk, Virginia, USA [P0467]        
  Normanton, Derbyshire, England [P0394]        
  North Brookfield, Massachusetts, USA [P0563]        
  Northfield, New Jersey, USA [P0555]        
  Northumberland, New Hampshire, USA [P0540]        
  Northumberland, New York, USA [P0241]        
  Norwich, Massachusetts, USA [P0058]        
  Norwich, Vermont, USA [P0103]        
  Nottingham, New Hampshire, USA [P0410]        
  Nova Scotia [P0545]        
O Odell, Bedfordshire, England [P0272]        
  Oesteriisoeer, Norway [P0265]        
  Ohio, USA [P0082]        
  Old Point Comfort, Virginia, USA [P0468]        
  Old Saratoga, New York, USA [P0519]        
  Orangeville, New York, USA [P0399]        
  Orford, New Hampshire, USA [P0233]        
  Ornsville, Maine, USA [P0355]        
  Oxford, Maine, USA [P0223]        
  Oztalan, Wisconsin, USA [P0510]        
P Painesville, Ohio, USA [P0159]        
  Palmyra, New York, USA [P0489]        
  Parin, New York, USA [P0548]        
  Paris, Maine, USA [P0568]        
  Pelham, New Hampshire, USA [P0012]        
  Pembroke, New Hampshire, USA [P0185]        
  Pennfield, New York, USA [P0116]        
  Pepperell, Massachusetts, USA [P0081]        
  Perry Co, Alabama, USA [P0571]        
  Perry, Maine, USA [P0049]        
  Peru, New York, USA [P0431]        
  Petersborough, England [P0392]        
  Petersborough, New Hampshire, USA [P0577]        
  Petersburg, Virginia, USA [P0572]        
  Peterson, New Jersey, USA [P0326]        
  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA [P0079]        
  Pickering, Canada West [P0381]        
  Picton, Canada West [P0112]        
  Piermont, New Hampshire, USA [P0558]        
  Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA [P0132]        
  Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA [P0382]        
  Plainfield, New Hampshire, USA [P0139]        
  Plaistow, New Hampshire, USA [P0052]        
  Plattsburg, New York, USA [P0432]        
  Pleasant Valley, Connecticut, USA [P0512]        
  Plymouth, Connecticut, USA [P0307]        
  Plymouth, Vermont, USA [P0124]        
  Pomfret, Connecticut, USA [P0160]        
  Port Lawrence, Michigan, USA [P0498]        
  Portland, Maine, USA [P0260]        
  Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA [P0204]        
  Potsdam, New York, USA [P0564]        
  Potton, Canada East [P0360]        
  Pottsville, Pennsylvania, USA [P0546]        
  Princeton, Illinois, USA [P0426]        
  Princeton, Massachusetts, USA [P0537]        
  Providence, Rhode Island, USA [P0461]        
  Putnam, Maine, USA [P0321]        
  Putnam. Ohio, USA [P0126]        
R Raymond, New Hampshire, USA [P0201]        
  Redditch, Worcestershire, England [P0474]        
  Republic, Ohio, USA [P0515]        
  Richmond, Virginia, USA [P0434]        
  Rindge, New Hampshire, USA [P0231]        
  Rio Nunez, West Coast, Africa [P0300]        
  Rochester, New Hampshire, USA [P0475]        
  Rock Island, Illinois, USA [P0588]        
  Rockford, Illinois, USA [P0142]        
  Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA [P0536]        
  Rockport, New Hampshire, USA [P0334]        
  Rockville, Connecticut, USA [P0505]        
  Rodman, New York, USA [P0278]        
  Rowley, Massachusetts, USA [P0001]        
  Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA [P0147]        
  Rutland, New York, USA [P0582]        
  Rye, New Hampshire, USA [P0182]        
S Salem, Massachusetts, USA [P0363]        
  Salem, New Hampshire, USA [P0026]        
  Salem, New Jersey, USA [P0534]        
  Salem, New York, USA [P0161]        
  Salisbury Point, Massachusetts, USA [P0208]        
  Salisbury, Massachusetts, USA [P0207]        
  San Francisco, California, USA [P0400]        
  Sandwich, New Hampshire, USA [P0077]        
  Saratoga Co, New York, USA [P0415]        
  Saratoga, Massachusetts, USA [P0251]        
  Sardinia, New York, USA [P0335]        
  Saugus, New Hampshire, USA [P0050]        
  Scipio, Ohio, USA [P0584]        
  Scottsville, Virginia, USA [P0469]        
  Seabrook, Connecticut, USA [P0287]        
  Seabrook, New Hampshire, USA [P0020]        
  Seward, Illinois, USA [P0398]        
  Sharon, Massachusetts, USA [P0060]        
  Sharon, New Hampshire, USA [P0437]        
  Shawangunk, New York, USA [P0084]        
  Shawneetown, Illinois, USA [P0248]        
  Sheffield, New Brunswick, USA [P0196]        
  Shoreham, Vermont, USA [P0099]        
  Simonds, New Brunswick, USA [P0329]        
  Sioux City, Iowa, USA [P0364]        
  Somers, Connecticut, USA [P0417]        
  Somersworth, New Hampshire, USA [P0387]        
  Somerville, Massachusetts, USA [P0151]        
  Sophiasburg, Upper Canada [P0057]        
  Sophiasburgh, Canada West [P0380]        
  South Danvers, Massachusetts, USA [P0349]        
  South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA [P0056]        
  Springfield, Maine, USA [P0336]        
  Springfield, New Hampshire, USA [P0386]        
  Springfield, Vermont, USA [P0183]        
  St Andrews, New Brunswick, USA [P0090]        
  St Armada, Lower Canada [P0253]        
  St Armand, Canada East [P0264]        
  St George, New Brunswick, USA [P0524]        
  St Johns, New Brunswick, USA [P0209]        
  St Joseph, Missouri, USA [P0464]        
  St Louis, Missouri, USA [P0319]        
  Sterling, Michigan, USA [P0288]        
  Stonington, Connecticut, USA [P0581]        
  Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA [P0027]        
  Stow, Massachusetts, USA [P0552]        
  Strafford, New Hampshire, USA [P0407]        
  Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA [P0267]        
  Suffolk, England [P0529]        
  Summerville, California, USA [P0500]        
  Sunapee, New Hampshire, USA [P0576]        
  Sunbury Co, New Brunswick, USA [P0328]        
  Surrapee, New Hampshire, USA [P0252]        
  Sweden, New York, USA [P0180]        
  Syracuse, New York, USA [P0110]        
T Temple, New Hampshire, USA [P0032]        
  Templeton, Massachusetts, USA [P0062]        
  Tewksbury, Massachusetts, USA [P0011]        
  Texas, USA [P0574]        
  Thornton, New Hampshire, USA [P0304]        
  Three Rivers, Michigan, USA [P0140]        
  Toledo, Ohio, USA [P0205]        
  Topsfield, Massachusetts, USA [P0203]        
  Townsend, Massachusetts, USA [P0036]        
  Troy, New Hampshire, USA [P0048]        
  Troy, New York, USA [P0296]        
  Truro, Massachusetts, USA [P0351]        
U Underhill, Vermont, USA [P0259]        
  Union, Maine, USA [P0507]        
  Upper Middletown, Massachusetts, USA [P0165]        
  Urbana, Ohio, USA [P0549]        
  Urbana, Oregon, USA [P0074]        
  USA [P0271]        
  Utica, New York, USA [P0291]        
V Vassalborough, Maine, USA [P0413]        
  Vergennes, Vermont, USA [P0480]        
  Vermont, USA [P0157]        
  Vernon, Vermont, USA [P0587]        
  Vernon, Wisconsin, USA [P0435]        
  Vienna, Michigan, USA [P0580]        
  Virginia, USA [P0455]        
  Vittoria, Canada West [P0245]        
W Wacaw, Wisconsin, USA [P0416]        
  Waldoborough, Maine, USA [P0320]        
  Walpole, New Hampshire, USA [P0158]        
  Waltham, Massachusetts, USA [P0541]        
  Ware, New Hampshire, USA [P0257]        
  Washington, D. C, USA [P0280]        
  Washington, Maine, USA [P0242]        
  Washington, North Carolina, USA [P0344]        
  Washington, Ohio, USA [P0499]        
  Waterford, Maine, USA [P0273]        
  Watertown, Massachusetts, USA [P0256]        
  Watertown, New York, USA [P0492]        
  Waterville, Maine, USA [P0388]        
  Waterville, New York, USA [P0333]        
  Wauconda, Illinois, USA [P0495]        
  Waukegan, Illinois, USA [P0285]        
  Wawayanda, New York, USA [P0102]        
  Wenham, New Hampshire, USA [P0234]        
  West Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA [P0405]        
  West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA [P0453]        
  Westford, Vermont, USA [P0313]        
  Westmoreland, Vermont, USA [P0397]        
  Weston, Vermont, USA [P0556]        
  Weybridge, Vermont, USA [P0284]        
  Wheelock, Vermont, USA [P0213]        
  Whitby, Canada West [P0111]        
  White Cliff, Arkansas, USA [P0083]        
  White Hall, New York, USA [P0428]        
  Whitechurch, Canada West [P0486]        
  Whitefield, Maine, USA [P0408]        
  Whitingham, Vermont, USA [P0061]        
  Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA [P0414]        
  Williamstown, Vermont, USA [P0444]        
  Wilmington, New York, USA [P0427]        
  Wilna, New York, USA [P0508]        
  Wilton, Maine, USA [P0076]        
  Windham, New Hampshire, USA [P0567]        
  Windsor, Maine, USA [P0024]        
  Windsor, Vermont, USA [P0193]        
  Winthrop, Maine, USA [P0222]        
  Woburn, Massachusetts, USA [P0309]        
  Woodhull, Illinois, USA [P0155]        
  Woodstock, New Brunswick, USA [P0330]        
  Woodstock, Vermont, USA [P0379]        
  Woodstock, Virginia, USA [P0466]        
  Woodville, New York, USA [P0228]        
  Worcester, Massachusetts, USA [P0465]        
  Wurtsborough, New York, USA [P0085]        
Y York, Maine, USA [P0174]        
  York, New York, USA [P0219]        
  York, Pennsylvania, USA [P0496]        
  Yorkville, New York, USA [P0120]        
  Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA [P0221]