Salem, New Hampshire, USA

Gramps ID P0026


  1. BROWN, Hannah N [I7265]
  2. BYRNE, Elizabeth [I4143]
  3. CURRIER, Dudley Watts [I4905]
  4. DEXTER, Abel Hersey [I8313]
  5. DEXTER, Sarah Elizabeth [I8307]
  6. DOW, Lois [I5578]
  7. DOW, Margaret [I5581]
  8. FOWLER, Harriet [I4148]
  9. FRAZIER, Ann [I4484]
  10. Family of STICKNEY, Charles and DOW, Lois [F1567]
  11. Family of STICKNEY, Charles and DOW, Margaret [F1568]
  12. Family of STICKNEY, Charles and KEHEW, Lydia Ann [F2724]
  13. Family of STICKNEY, Jeremiah Chaplin and FRAZIER, Ann [F1238]
  14. Family of STICKNEY, Matthew Adams and WATERS, Lucy [F1966]
  15. Family of STICKNEY, Moses and SWEETLAND, Dorcas [F2891]
  16. Family of STICKNEY, Richard and JEFFRY, Rebecca [F1535]
  17. Family of STICKNEY, Samuel Warren and HALE, Mary [F1668]
  18. Family of STICKNEY, Stephen and HODGE, Martha [F1573]
  19. Family of TOWNES, Calvin L and HUNTRESS, Susan A [F2621]
  20. Family of WHEELER, Abner and STICKNEY, Sarah [F0093]
  21. GLOVER, Benjamin [I3234]
  22. HALE, Mary [I5826]
  23. HALL, Alice Webster [I4873]
  24. HALL, Cynthia Hill [I4875]
  25. HALL, Israel Woodbury [I4872]
  26. HALL, Otis Taylor [I4874]
  27. HERSEY, Sarah Ann [I8401]
  28. HODGE, Martha [I5599]
  29. HUNTRESS, Susan A [I7269]
  30. JEFFRY, Rebecca [I5484]
  31. KEHEW, Lydia Ann [I8382]
  32. LUMMUS, Samuel [I5440]
  33. NOYES, Eben [I4904]
  34. RUNNELS, Thomas [I0442]
  35. SMITH, Mary Elizabeth [I6670]
  36. STICKNEY, Benjamin [I2652]
  37. STICKNEY, Betsey [I2654]
  38. STICKNEY, Charles [I5580]
  39. STICKNEY, Charles [I2124]
  40. STICKNEY, Charles Theodore [I5488]
  41. STICKNEY, Charles Theodore [I8308]
  42. STICKNEY, Child [I5486]
  43. STICKNEY, Clara [I2398]
  44. STICKNEY, Cornelia Augusta [I6675]
  45. STICKNEY, David Ingersoll [I4153]
  46. STICKNEY, Delia Maria [I8312]
  47. STICKNEY, Dudley [I6671]
  48. STICKNEY, Elizabeth Byrne [I4146]
  49. STICKNEY, Elizabeth Dexter [I8310]
  50. STICKNEY, Frank Dexter [I8311]
  51. STICKNEY, Franklin [I4152]
  52. STICKNEY, Hannah Elizabeth [I5491]
  53. STICKNEY, Hannah Hodges [I4144]
  54. STICKNEY, Harriet Fowler [I4150]
  55. STICKNEY, Jeremiah Chaplin [I4124]
  56. STICKNEY, Joseph [I5600]
  57. STICKNEY, Love Fry [I4149]
  58. STICKNEY, Lucy Waters [I6674]
  59. STICKNEY, Matthew Adams [I2847]
  60. STICKNEY, Moses [I3081]
  61. STICKNEY, Nathaniel Fowler [I4151]
  62. STICKNEY, Peter Frye [I2651]
  63. STICKNEY, Rebecca [I5485]
  64. STICKNEY, Richard [I2071]
  65. STICKNEY, Richard Henry [I5487]
  66. STICKNEY, Samuel [I2653]
  67. STICKNEY, Samuel [I4147]
  68. STICKNEY, Samuel Warren [I2840]
  69. STICKNEY, Sarah [I0227]
  70. STICKNEY, Sarah Elizabeth [I6673]
  71. STICKNEY, Sarah Hodges [I5490]
  72. STICKNEY, Stephen [I2128]
  73. STICKNEY, Walter Jaffrey [I8309]
  74. STICKNEY, Walter Palfrey Jeffry [I5489]
  75. STICKNEY, William [I2650]
  76. STICKNEY, William Pickman [I4145]
  77. SWEETLAND, Dorcas [I8798]
  78. TOWNES, Calvin L [I8167]
  79. WATERS, Lucy [I6672]
  80. WHEELER, Abner [I0445]
  81. WHEELER, Cyrus [I0446]
  82. WHEELER, Dolly [I0452]
  83. WHEELER, Hazen [I0454]
  84. WHEELER, Leonard [I0455]
  85. WHEELER, Lydia [I0451]
  86. WHEELER, Triphena [I0453]