STICKNEY, Solomon 1a

Birth Name STICKNEY, Solomon
Gramps ID I0232
Gender male
Age at Death about 78 years, 10 months, 27 days


Event Date Place Description Notes Sources
Occupation [E0438]     Farmer
Birth [E0439] 1737-02-05 Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA  
Death [E0440] about 1816    


Relation to main person Name Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father STICKNEY, Richard [I0072]
Mother _, Mary [I0228]
    Sister     STICKNEY, Mary [I0229]
    Sister     STICKNEY, Bethiah [I0230]
    Brother     STICKNEY, Solomon [I0231]
         STICKNEY, Solomon [I0232]
    Brother     STICKNEY, Jonas [I0233]
    Brother     STICKNEY, John [I0234]
    Sister     STICKNEY, Mary [I0235]
Father STICKNEY, Richard [I0072]
Stepmother TUCKER, Susannah [I0236]


    Family of STICKNEY, Solomon and PITCHER, Abigail [F0095]
Married Wife PITCHER, Abigail [I0457]
  1. STICKNEY, Avis [I0461]
  2. STICKNEY, Olive [I0463]
  3. STICKNEY, Daughter [I0464]
  4. STICKNEY, Lemuel [I0458]
  5. STICKNEY, Polly [I0459]
  6. STICKNEY, Solomon [I0460]
  7. STICKNEY, Jonas [I0462]


Entered service for the Crown Point Expedition 1755 and 1756; at Fort William
Henry 1756; out again 1757/8; later 1759 for the invasion of Canada; at Nova
Scotia 1760; out again 1762; enlisted from South Hadley 1777/9 and again
1781/3 in the Continental Army. Was of fresh complexion, stature 5ft 10in. He
lived for a time in Stoughton, then moved to South Hadley, from there to
Brookfield, Vt., and then family tradition says to Whitestown and Holland
Purchase. Died in 1815 or 1816.


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Type Value Notes Sources
REFN 139


  1. STICKNEY, Richard [I0072]
    1. _, Mary [I0228]
      1. STICKNEY, Mary [I0229]
      2. STICKNEY, Bethiah [I0230]
      3. STICKNEY, Solomon [I0231]
      4. STICKNEY, Solomon
        1. PITCHER, Abigail [I0457]
          1. STICKNEY, Lemuel [I0458]
          2. STICKNEY, Polly [I0459]
          3. STICKNEY, Solomon [I0460]
          4. STICKNEY, Avis [I0461]
          5. STICKNEY, Jonas [I0462]
          6. STICKNEY, Olive [I0463]
          7. STICKNEY, Daughter [I0464]
      5. STICKNEY, Jonas [I0233]
      6. STICKNEY, John [I0234]
      7. STICKNEY, Mary [I0235]


Source References

  1. Matthew Adams STICKNEY's 1869 book: "The Stickney Family". [S13645]
      • Page: 62, 116
      • Confidence: Very High
      • Page: 62, 116
      • Page: 117