PITCHER, Abigail

Birth Name PITCHER, Abigail
Gramps ID I0457
Gender female


    Family of STICKNEY, Solomon and PITCHER, Abigail [F0095]
Married Husband STICKNEY, Solomon [I0232]
  1. STICKNEY, Avis [I0461]
  2. STICKNEY, Olive [I0463]
  3. STICKNEY, Daughter [I0464]
  4. STICKNEY, Lemuel [I0458]
  5. STICKNEY, Polly [I0459]
  6. STICKNEY, Solomon [I0460]
  7. STICKNEY, Jonas [I0462]


    1. PITCHER, Abigail
      1. STICKNEY, Solomon [I0232]
        1. STICKNEY, Lemuel [I0458]
        2. STICKNEY, Polly [I0459]
        3. STICKNEY, Solomon [I0460]
        4. STICKNEY, Avis [I0461]
        5. STICKNEY, Jonas [I0462]
        6. STICKNEY, Olive [I0463]
        7. STICKNEY, Daughter [I0464]