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Given Name Birth Death Parents
Adeline [I6792] 1853-04-15   BURPEE, William BURPEE, Mehetable
Ann [I3416] 1802-02-20 1844-11-08 BURPEE, Jeremiah STICKNEY, Betsey
Annie [I6734] 1846-10-27   BURPEE, James STICKNEY, Elizabeth
Charles [I3422] 1817-06-18   BURPEE, Jeremiah STICKNEY, Betsey
Charles Henry [I6785] 1838-09-02   BURPEE, William BURPEE, Mehetable
Charles J [I6727] 1832-10-29   BURPEE, James STICKNEY, Elizabeth
Charles Sidney [I6817] 1859-06-05   BURPEE, Charles PERLEY, Charlotte H
Charlotte [I6788] 1844-10-01   BURPEE, William BURPEE, Mehetable
Charlotte [I8918]     BURPEE, Jonathan BELL, Elizabeth
David [I9196] 1786-07-22 1830-02-13 BURPEE, David GALLISHAN, Betsey
David [I7097] 1752-04-22   BURPEE, Jeremiah SAUNDERS, Mary
David C [I6733] 1843-10-26   BURPEE, James STICKNEY, Elizabeth
David H [I6800] 1839-10-26   BURPEE, George BURPEE, Phebe
Ebenezer [I6726] 1831-03-06   BURPEE, James STICKNEY, Elizabeth
Ebenezer L [I6901]     BURPEE, Joseph GALLISHAN, Abigail
Edmund [I4440] 1850-11-00 1865-01-00 BURPEE, Stephen BRIDGES, Elizabeth
Edmund [I4439] 1847-04-00 1850-08-00 BURPEE, Stephen BRIDGES, Elizabeth
Edward [I7098] 1756-06-02 1840-03-28 BURPEE, Jeremiah SAUNDERS, Mary
Eliza Ann [I4428] 1824-11-05   BURPEE, David COBURN, Sarah
Elizabeth [I6787] 1842-08-29 1863-02-07 BURPEE, William BURPEE, Mehetable
Elizabeth [I6728] 1834-08-10   BURPEE, James STICKNEY, Elizabeth
Elizabeth [I3415] 1798-05-23   BURPEE, Jeremiah STICKNEY, Betsey
Elizabeth A [I6771] 1828-11-04   BURPEE, Isaac COBURN, Phebe
Flora [I4444]     BURPEE, Stephen BRIDGES, Elizabeth
Frederic T C [I6772] 1831-10-23   BURPEE, Isaac COBURN, Phebe
George [I3420] 1811-08-12 1855-02-07 BURPEE, Jeremiah STICKNEY, Betsey
George E R [I6773] 1834-11-10   BURPEE, Isaac COBURN, Phebe
George F [I6801] 1842-03-30   BURPEE, George BURPEE, Phebe
Hannah [I6786] 1840-08-23 1854-12-20 BURPEE, William BURPEE, Mehetable
Hannah [I6768] 1821-09-30   BURPEE, Isaac COBURN, Phebe
Hannah [I6731] 1840-02-18   BURPEE, James STICKNEY, Elizabeth
Harriet [I6789] 1846-11-10 1867-03-03 BURPEE, William BURPEE, Mehetable
Hepsibah [I3003] 1781-03-02 1864-07-20  
Isaac [I3413] 1794-12-10   BURPEE, Jeremiah STICKNEY, Betsey
Isaac [I6770] 1825-11-23   BURPEE, Isaac COBURN, Phebe
Isabella [I6709] 1833-11-04 1857-09-30 BURPEE, Samuel STICKNEY, Hannah
Issac C [I6902] 1821-01-20   BURPEE, Ebenezer L TAYLOR, Mehetable Ryerson
James [I6724] 1804-08-27   BURPEE, Joseph GALLISHAN, Abigail
Jane [I3421] 1814-04-13 1859-04-14 BURPEE, Jeremiah STICKNEY, Betsey
Jeremiah [I6706] 1823-11-00 1831 BURPEE, Samuel STICKNEY, Hannah
Jeremiah [I6775] 1839-07-04 1850-09-00 BURPEE, Isaac COBURN, Phebe
Jeremiah [I3411] 1760-09-19 1847-05-00 BURPEE, Jeremiah SAUNDERS, Mary
Jeremiah [I3417] 1804-12-00 1826-06-22 BURPEE, Jeremiah STICKNEY, Betsey
Jeremiah [I6791] 1850-05-22   BURPEE, William BURPEE, Mehetable
Jeremiah [I7095] 1726-05-21   BURPEE, Jonathan PLATTS, Hannah
John P C [I6774] 1837-05-01   BURPEE, Isaac COBURN, Phebe
Jonathan [I9190] 1699-12-07   BURPEE, Thomas HOPKINSON, Esther
Jonathan [I9199] 1783-07-29 1826-03-13 BURPEE, Edward GALLOP, Hannah
Joseph [I7099] 1765-09-20 1830-10-10 BURPEE, Jeremiah SAUNDERS, Mary
Kate [I4443]     BURPEE, Stephen BRIDGES, Elizabeth
Letitia [I4441]     BURPEE, Stephen BRIDGES, Elizabeth
Lockwood Stickney [I6732] 1842-01-11 1863-11-13 BURPEE, James STICKNEY, Elizabeth
Louisa [I6804] 1850-03-23   BURPEE, George BURPEE, Phebe
Lydia [I8096]      
Mary [I3412] 1792-11-08   BURPEE, Jeremiah STICKNEY, Betsey
Mary Ann [I6782] 1832-04-06 1865-03-09 BURPEE, William BURPEE, Mehetable
Mary P [I6730] 1838-03-03 1842-10-15 BURPEE, James STICKNEY, Elizabeth
Mehetable [I3418] 1806-09-15 1864-02-08 BURPEE, Jeremiah STICKNEY, Betsey
Moses [I6803] 1846-02-25   BURPEE, George BURPEE, Phebe
Newton [I6781] 1830-11-21   BURPEE, William BURPEE, Mehetable
Phebe [I4442]     BURPEE, Stephen BRIDGES, Elizabeth
Phebe [I6799] 1815-04-15   BURPEE, David COBURN, Sarah
Robert [I6780] 1829-05-10 1854-07-13 BURPEE, William BURPEE, Mehetable
Samuel [I3414] 1797-04-16 1853-09-00 BURPEE, Jeremiah STICKNEY, Betsey
Samuel [I6708] 1829-11-00   BURPEE, Samuel STICKNEY, Hannah
Sarah [I6769] 1823-05-28   BURPEE, Isaac COBURN, Phebe
Sarah [I3481] 1660-02-15 1729-11-18 BURPEE, Thomas KELLY, Sarah
Sophronia [I6783] 1834-06-06 1853-11-14 BURPEE, William BURPEE, Mehetable
Sophronia [I3419] 1808-12-23   BURPEE, Jeremiah STICKNEY, Betsey
Stephen [I4438] 1820-08-11   BURPEE, David COBURN, Sarah
Sylvester [I6707] 1828-09-00 1867-06-29 BURPEE, Samuel STICKNEY, Hannah
T Coburn [I6802] 1844-10-26 1850-08-08 BURPEE, George BURPEE, Phebe
Thomas [I3501]   1701-06-01  
Thomas [I3504] 1663-12-25 1709-06-24 BURPEE, Thomas KELLY, Sarah
Thomas N [I6729] 1836-05-03   BURPEE, James STICKNEY, Elizabeth
Thomas P [I6818] 1861-06-18   BURPEE, Charles PERLEY, Charlotte H
Tyler [I6805] 1853-12-11   BURPEE, George BURPEE, Phebe
Wardlaw [I6790] 1848-09-24 1850-09-14 BURPEE, William BURPEE, Mehetable
William [I6779] 1802-05-22 1863-03-17 BURPEE, David GALLISHAN, Betsey
William Adolphus [I6784] 1836-07-10   BURPEE, William BURPEE, Mehetable
William C [I6725] 1829-09-13   BURPEE, James STICKNEY, Elizabeth