This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of PEABODY. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Parents
Albert Samuel [I4368] 1825-05-02   PEABODY, Francis STICKNEY, Fanny
Alfred [I3034] 1806-02-03   PEABODY, Nathan STICKNEY, Hannah
Ancel Stickney [I3033] about 1803 1845-11-05 PEABODY, Nathan STICKNEY, Hannah
Andrew [I0785]      
Ann [I2353] 1762-01-08   PEABODY, Daniel STICKNEY, Anna
Betsey [I4358] 1804-08-16 1806-01-22 PEABODY, Francis STICKNEY, Fanny
Betsey [I4360] 1808-12-22 1810-04-08 PEABODY, Francis STICKNEY, Fanny
Daniel [I2352] 1739-05-04   PEABODY, John DORMAN, Sarah
Daniel [I2355] 1766-02-03   PEABODY, Daniel STICKNEY, Anna
David Wood [I3026] 1807-10-30   PEABODY, Oliver STICKNEY, Peggy
Fanny [I4357] 1802-06-05   PEABODY, Francis STICKNEY, Fanny
Francis [I4356] 1771-06-07 before 1865 PEABODY, Richard SPOFFORD, Jemima
Francis Stickney [I4359] 1806-08-19   PEABODY, Francis STICKNEY, Fanny
Hannah [I3022] 1801-09-15   PEABODY, Oliver STICKNEY, Peggy
Hannah [I3030] 1797-05-03   PEABODY, Nathan STICKNEY, Hannah
Hepsibah [I3021] 1798-11-28 1815-05-26 PEABODY, Oliver STICKNEY, Peggy
Hitty [I2354] 1763-11-11   PEABODY, Daniel STICKNEY, Anna
John [I3019] 1796-02-08 1802-09-02 PEABODY, Oliver STICKNEY, Peggy
John [I4421]      
John [I3024] 1803-06-16 1816-09-18 PEABODY, Oliver STICKNEY, Peggy
John [I6248]      
John [I2356] 1768-04-12   PEABODY, Daniel STICKNEY, Anna
John Ide [I4369] 1828-11-06   PEABODY, Francis STICKNEY, Fanny
Lavinia [I3032] 1801-03-04   PEABODY, Nathan STICKNEY, Hannah
Lettia [I2358] 1772-07-04   PEABODY, Daniel STICKNEY, Anna
Lucy [I0536]      
Mehitabel Stickney [I6239]     PEABODY, Oliver Tyler TOWNE, Sarah A
Nathan [I3035] 1808 about 1809 PEABODY, Nathan STICKNEY, Hannah
Nathan [I3023] 1801-09-15   PEABODY, Oliver STICKNEY, Peggy
Nathan [I3028] 1770-04-12   PEABODY, John BEAMAN, Edith
Nathan Stickney [I4362] 1813-02-27 before 1814-09-22 PEABODY, Francis STICKNEY, Fanny
Nathan Stickney [I4363] 1814-09-22 1819-09-19 PEABODY, Francis STICKNEY, Fanny
Oliver [I4367] 1823-04-11   PEABODY, Francis STICKNEY, Fanny
Oliver [I3016] 1766-03-06 1847-11-14 PEABODY, Richard SPOFFORD, Jemima
Oliver [I3017] 1793-06-06   PEABODY, Oliver STICKNEY, Peggy
Oliver Tyler [I3031] 1799-02-22   PEABODY, Nathan STICKNEY, Hannah
Rachael Stickney [I4361] 1811-06-06   PEABODY, Francis STICKNEY, Fanny
Rebecca [I2359] 1775-01-00   PEABODY, Daniel STICKNEY, Anna
Rebecca [I3020] 1798-01-16   PEABODY, Oliver STICKNEY, Peggy
Relief [I2357] 1770-04-13   PEABODY, Daniel STICKNEY, Anna
Richard [I3018] 1794-09-01   PEABODY, Oliver STICKNEY, Peggy
Richard [I0789]     PEABODY, Richard SPOFFORD, Jemima
Richard [I4354]      
Rosalie J [I8684]      
Ruth [I3704]      
Samuel [I3025] 1805-06-17   PEABODY, Oliver STICKNEY, Peggy
Samuel [I4364] 1817-08-28 1817-10-05 PEABODY, Francis STICKNEY, Fanny
Sarah [I9156]      
Sophronia Stickney [I4365] 1818-08-26   PEABODY, Francis STICKNEY, Fanny
Temperance D [I3027] 1810-05-28   PEABODY, Oliver STICKNEY, Peggy
Webster [I3029] 1795-09-16 1827-12-25 PEABODY, Nathan STICKNEY, Hannah
William [I4366] 1820-12-25   PEABODY, Francis STICKNEY, Fanny