This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of CLARK. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Parents
Anna [I6737]     CLARK, George STICKNEY, Isabella
Anna [I1238]   1811-04-07  
Benjamin [I0587]      
Calvin [I7426]   1861-02-27  
Cassandra [I8127]      
Delilah [I5646]      
Dora A [I7428] 1839-07-25 1864-02-12 CLARK, Calvin STICKNEY, Sarah
Eliza Ann [I6414] 1821-02-19    
Emily Josephine [I3658] 1857-10-12   CLARK, Prentiss Mellen STICKNEY, Ann Augusta Josephine
Francelia E [I7427] 1838-03-23   CLARK, Calvin STICKNEY, Sarah
George [I6735]     CLARK, Gershom CARL, Betsey
Gershom [I8116]      
Henrietta [I6736]     CLARK, George STICKNEY, Isabella
Jacob [I7339]      
John [I8090]      
Joseph [I8192]      
Judith [I2700]     CLARK, Jacob KNIGHT, Sally
Lilian Augusta [I3657] 1856-03-13   CLARK, Prentiss Mellen STICKNEY, Ann Augusta Josephine
Lucebia [I4550] 1799-02-08 1863-04-25 CLARK, Joseph FULLER, Rebecca
Lucinda H [I7725]      
Lucy L [I7429] 1841-04-07 1864-05-31 CLARK, Calvin STICKNEY, Sarah
Mary [I8187]      
Mary Ann [I8515]      
Mary L [I8427]      
Prentiss Mellen [I3656] 1835-12-28    
Robert [I2555] about 1775 1846-08-00  
Samuel [I0532]      
Sarah [I4077]      
William [I6697]      
Zimri A [I7430] 1844-01-31 1864-01-19 CLARK, Calvin STICKNEY, Sarah