This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of HALE. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Given Name Birth Death Parents
Abigail [I2272] 1731-10-19 1791-06-30 HALE, Edward PICKARD, Betsey
Abigail [I2038]      
Ann [I9148]      
Anne G [I7217] 1858-08-00 before 1869 HALE, Francis P STICKNEY, Ann
Betsey [I2065] 1781-12-16   HALE, Obadiah STICKNEY, Sarah
David [I9103]      
Edmund [I2066] 1783-04-17   HALE, Obadiah STICKNEY, Sarah
Edward [I5890]      
Elizabeth [I4409]      
Francis [I7216] 1855-07-00   HALE, Francis P STICKNEY, Ann
Francis P [I7215]      
Hannah [I0720] 1806-08-10   HALE, Solomon HARRIMAN, Martha
Henry [I8539]     HALE, Joseph CHUTE, Eunice
Hudson D [I8711]      
Joseph [I8537]      
Joseph [I8324]      
Laura [I9104]      
Mary [I5826] 1809-08-14   HALE, Joseph CHUTE, Eunice
Mary [I8043]      
Mary Sophia [I8504] 1816-03-11   HALE, David HALE, Laura
Nancy P [I8339]      
Obadiah [I2064]      
Samuel [I3057]      
Sarah [I5526] 1803-04-27 1827-06-25 HALE, Joseph _, Margery
Sarah L [I3684]      
Solomon [I3711]      
Susannah [I3468] 1782-04-30 1862-04-16