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The Stickney Family dates back to the Norman Invasion of England in early 11th century. The name itself is Saxon and our ancestors probably took the name of a local Saxon settlement for their own surname after coming to England with the Normans. An ancestor, William, moved to The New World in the 1620s, settling in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. For the moment, this site is focused on the American Branch of the Family, but we welcome all members of the Family, wherever you are!


Matthew Adams Stickney


Matthew was a prolific curator of coins, almanacs, and many letters and autographs from the American Revolution. In 1833, he started a 35 year mission to document his family's history as best he could. The result was the book Stickney Family: A Genealogical Memoir of the Descendants of William and Elizabeth Stickney from 1637 to 1869. The book is obviously out of print, but has several copies, as well as The Higginson Book Company of Salem, MA. The book can also be found online, see Links

Warren Keith Stickney


Like Matthew before him, Warren was also keenly interested in his family's history. Warren spent countless hours hand transcribing Matthew's book into digital GEDCOM format. Without his efforts, it is doubtful any Stickney would have such a complete record of their family. Thank you Warren for your efforts, RIP.

Family Tree

Warren Stickney of New Zealand spent many long nights hand transcribing Matthew Stickney's genealogical memoir of our family and put it into GEDCOM file format. This file can be read by many popular genealogical websites and desktop applications. Warren's files have been translated into HTML using the Gramps software package and are available on this site by way of the link below.

The Family Tree


  • The Stickney Family GEDCOM
    The transcription of Matthew's book, originally compiled by Warren, the file is in the standard genealogical format and can be imported into many popular Family History websites and desktop applications




100% Free and Open Source, Gramps is a great tool to organize your family tree. Gramps runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. It can import/export GEDCOM files. It was used to produce The Family Tree.